Meaningful baby names that mean miracle will never go out of style. Whether you decide to name your newborn after a beloved family member, or are simply searching for a name that reflects the journey that led you to parenthood, whatever you choose will stick with you for the rest of your—and your child's—life.

Almost every parent, at some point, refers to their child as a "miracle," though the meaning of the word itself might differ depending on who you're talking to. Miracle is a beautiful word that can double as a name, but there are many other thoughtful baby names to choose from if you're considering giving your baby a name that suggests an extraordinary event, a gift from above or a rare wonder.

Whether you're looking for a familiar name with a miraculous history, such as Aaron, or you're searching for a unique name that means "rare miracle," such as Ender, there are so many choices for both girls and boys that are equally as meaningful as they are interesting. Choosing a baby name with the special meaning of "miracle" is a signal of hope and optimism—and in these extraordinary times, we could all use some small miracles. Putting a unique twist on a beautiful classic isn't hard with these baby names that mean "miracle."

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A very common name of Hebrew origin, Aaron not only has a beautiful meaning ("exalted, holy"), but is also a go-to choice for many.


Alasne is a very unique feminine Basque name meaning "miracle" that can be shortened into many nicknames including Allie, Ala, Las and more. The alternate spelling Alazne is equally lovely.


This gender-neutral name with African and Arabic roots means "miracle of God."


This precious Arabic name meaning "miracle" is pulled from a verse in the Koran.

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Somewhat similar to the common name Elijah, Eijaz is a strong Arabic name with the powerful meaning of "blessings" or "miracle."


This name meaning "very rare" or miracle derives from Turkish origin.


A Turkish name that isn't often heard, but boasts a beautiful meaning: "wonderful, miraculous."


This pretty Indian name translates as "miracle," and can be shortened into the popular nickname Kari.


This handsome Italian name is taken from a town in Italy called Lauretum, historically associated with miracles in the Catholic tradition.


Marvella is a Spanish and Latin name that means "miracle to marvel at."


Of Spanish origin, Milagros is taken from the phrase "Senora de los Milagros" which translates to "Woman of Miracles."

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The male version of Milagros is just as appealing and boasts the same strong meaning.


A shortened version of the word "Miracle," Mira is a short and sweet name with its own beautiful meanings according to Nameberry, including "admirable, peaceful."


The Italian word for miracle makes for a strong name for a little boy.


This Hebrew name meaning "God's Miracle" is very feminine and rare.


A sturdy, vintage-sounding boys name that often results in the nickname "Nate," Nathaniel means "gift from God."


While some may think Nessa is pulled from the name Vanessa, it also stands strong on its own, meaning miracle in Hebrew.

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Similar to Nasia, Nissan is a male Hebrew name meaning "miracle."


A unique feminine Hebrew name pronounced with the emphasis on the "li" syllable, Pelia means "miracle of God."


Theo, a timeless Greek name meaning "divine gift" or miracle, has been popular for decades for both boys and girls.

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