Don’t blame us for counting the days until the holiday season, which kicks off with Halloween in the best season of all: fall! Pumpkin patches, apple picking, PSLs, the sound of crunching leaves as you walk—fall is honestly the happiest time of the year. And it’s even more exciting if you’ll be meeting your little one in the months of September, October, November or (early) December.

If this is you, then it’s time to start thinking about possible baby name contenders. So, why not a name inspired by the season they’re going to be born into? Despite what you might think, there are a lot more fall-inspired names out there besides Autumn. (Although, Autumn is a lovely name!)

26 Fall baby names

Names that mean thankful

One of the biggest themes of the fall months and the whirlwind holiday season is the idea of being thankful. Here are a few picks for baby names that mean thankful.

1. Asher

You might recognize this name from popular shows like “Gossip Girl.” It has a Hebrew origins and the meaning pairs well with the season to be thankful: fortunate, blessed, happy one.

2. Benedict

Latin for “blessed.” Fans of the hit Netflix show, “Bridgerton” will recognize it as the second Bridgerton brother’s name. And, of course, there’s the British actor, Benedict Cumberbatch.

3. Zendaya

Whether you’ve seen her on the show “Euphoria,” the Spiderman movies or drooled over her red carpet fashion (no, just me?) the actress has made this African name famous alongside with her. It means, “to give thanks.”

4. Hannie

This German-rooted name would make a cute nickname-name for your little one. It means merciful or thankful.

Names inspired by colors

What’s fall without the gorgeous turning of the leaves? Fall baby names inspired by the changing colors are just as beautiful as their namesake.

5. Rowan

Scottish for “little redhead.”

6. Rose

A floral-inspired name that brings to mind, red roses.

7. Scarlett

English for red.

8. Rory

Irish for “red king.”

9. Phoenix

Greek for “dark red.”

10. Aurelia

Latin for “the golden one.”

11. Zari

Persian for “golden.”

12. Paz

Hebrew for “gold.”

13. Tawny

English for “golden brown.”

14. Blaine

Of Gaelic origin meaning “yellow.”

15. Silas

Of Latin origin meaning “of the forest.”

16. Esme

Derived from the Spanish name “Esmeralda” which means “emerald.”

17. Olive

Derived from “olive tree.”

18. Sylvia

Latin for “for the forest.”

19. Forest

Name your little one after the lush, green trees of the forest.

Birthstone names

If birthstones and gemstones are more your thing then you might consider these options.

20. Sapphire

September’s birthstone.

21. Opal

October’s birthstone.

22. Citrine

November’s birthstone.

Unique fall baby names inspired by autumn

23. Aki

Japanese word for “fall.” It also has Finnish roots with the meaning, “born in the fall” or “ancestor.”

24. Jora

Hebrew word for “autumn rain.”

25. Teresa

Of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese origin, meaning “to harvest.”

26. Persephone and Demeter

Greek goddesses of the harvest.

A version of this post was published September 15, 2021. It has been updated.

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