Here at Well Rounded NY, we often get asked: WTF should I pack in my hospital bag? It's like the $1 million question. Once you're done stocking your maternity wardrobe, building the perfect registry, and nailing down baby's nursery, the hospital bag pretty much consumes the entire 3rd trimester. But every mom, baby and birth experience is different. And yup, you guessed it, so is every hospital bag. So rather than tell you what we think you need to pack, we're introducing you to some NYC mamas who've been there, done that. And did it pretty well. Starting with Alexis Barad-Cutler. Brooklyn mama Barad-Cutler is one of our favorite children's book authors, co-founder of the foodie/parenting blog Brunch with My Baby and writer of the hilarious (and earnest) iampregrs. She's a real pro when it comes to packing hospital bags--she's already done it twice (the latest was just 3 months ago when she welcomed little Gavi into her family). The first time, she says, it was like “preparing for a final exam. I made and revised lists, stayed up late researching what other people had packed in their bags, and packed and repacked--all within a month advance of my due date." This time, though, she knew she didn't need much and anything she forgot was just a cab ride away. For her list, comfort was key--anyone who uses the word “pampered" to describe hospital stay amenities is a gal after our own hearts. Below, find her top 10 must-haves for her birth day carryall, to help get your own research started.

What'd she miss? Tell us in the comments below! Illustration by Jennifer Cascino of Famous Swan Productions. Photo of Alexis by Bridget Eldridge Photography. This post was brought to you by Boob Design.