Just two weeks ago Chrissy Teigen and John Legend lost their third child, Jack, when Teigen's complicated pregnancy ended too soon. The couple shared their loss with the world and we mourned with them, grateful to them for sharing a kind of pain that too many parents feel forced to hide.

And this week, Legend brought tears to our eyes once again as he performed at the Billboard Music Awards and dedicated his performance to his wife.

"This is for Chrissy," Legend said before playing "Never Break," a song from his latest album.

"We got a good thing, babe," he sang. "Whenever life is hard, we'll never lose our way."

John Legend - Never Break Live at Billboard Music Awards 2020 youtu.be

Teigen, usually a prolific social media user, has been nearly absent from her usual online spaces since losing Jack. But over the weekend she did leave a comment on the Betches Instagram account. Reacting to a joke post she wrote: "Finally, a giggle. Thank you."

Chrissy, we hope your laughter returns soon. You are strong enough, just like John sang.