Your nursing journey will be unique to you, but all breastfeeding mamas share one thing in common: the need for comfortable and supportive nursing bras.

Whether you prefer padded or unlined, flex wire or wireless, a great fitting nursing bra will make all the difference when you're the primary source of nutrition for your baby. They help support you (literally!), hold nursing pads in place for leaks, and accommodate for (the many!) changes in cup and band sizes during your breastfeeding journey. Many new moms may even end up wearing them to bed because tossing and turning with milk-filled boobs can sometimes get uncomfortable.

To make your shopping a little less overwhelming, we've rounded up nine of our favorite nursing bras that don't sacrifice style for function.

Knix Leakproof Nursing Bra

If you're searching for a nursing bra that does it all, this is it. Knix combined wireless comfort and support with innovative leakproof technology to create a new mama's dream bra. It features stretch fabric that adapts to changes in size and has thin easy-to-clasp straps so you can secure the straps with just one hand. The best part? The fabric means you'll never have to worry about leaking through (did we mention it's anti-odor and quick-dry?). 🙌

Price: $55


[In partnership with Knix]

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