Heading back to work after maternity leave can be so hard for any mama. Maybe you thought it would be easy, only to discover you miss your baby so much. Or, you're frustrated because your milk supply is slowly decreasing every day away from your infant.

We asked #TeamMotherly to share their best tips for going back to work while breastfeeding. From keeping yourself hydrated to looking at pictures of your precious one, here's what they said:

"Pump and save a stash of milk in the freezer." —@yuliasol87

"Do not procrastinate and say, 'let me just finish this first.' Time flies! Make [pumping] a priority." —@ashbodash92

"Pump and hydrate! And then repeat!" —@kristensgreenishlife

"Buy a second pump and leave it at work!" —@eringreene

"Pump as often as you can at work to keep your supply up." —@liz_cntrrs

"Properly pack your pump bag!" —@monraqdanley

"Have a plan in place! Know where you can pump, store the milk, who your allies at work will be." —@mvantrood

"Set an alarm for your pumping time!" —@ekyn_amoy

"Don't' kill yourself trying to keep up if it's not working out… formula is not poison!" —@delloney

"Schedule your pumping time in your calendar and stick to them. People won't question it!" —@tessakmcaleer

"Nurse as much as possible when home with the baby, and pump every 3 hours at work." —@c00tn3y

"Buy a car adapter for the pump if your commute is long!" —@hannahschara

"Look at pics of your baby while pumping." —@bighairforpeace

"Give yourself grace! And patience!" —@maglebear

"Eat!" —@fly_safe_

"Let your baby try the bottle early so you're not stressing last minute!" —@katiehales3

"Stay calm… you can do this!" —@cwilke2407

"Leave the clothes you wore at night for your baby before going to work." —@judidah18

"Pump directly into bottles so you don't have to transfer precious milk from bags." —@alecciso

"Expect to forget parts at some point and have a backup plan." —@hspirabauer

"Make sure your boss knows how important pumping is to you." —@mrs.ruiz0626

"Do what is best for you!" —@amandaroot24

"Prep your pumping bag at night!" —@samanthaengleson

"Find other moms at work…it helps to share stories about your little loves together." —@jcparenteau

"Wear the pads. You will leak!" —@mrsjosephramirez

"Bring lots of snacks." —@mrsjenniferhunter

"Bring your baby's worn pajamas and sniff them while pumping." —@jackers314

"Don't give up when your supply is low—every day is different. Lactation cookies are the best!" —@lizzielockett

"Print out a do not disturb door handle sign for the room you'll be using." —@k.a.barthel

"Get a hands free pumping bra." —@bre.how

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