These sisters give birth 90 minutes apart in the same hospital

The same doctor and many of the same nurses helped deliver their sons.

These sisters give birth 90 minutes apart in the same hospital
Ashley Carruth

This story was originally published December 30, 2020

Two sisters from Minnesota shared an incredible experience this month when they gave birth to their sons just 90 minutes apart in adjoining hospital rooms.

Ashley Carruth told CNN that she and her sister, Brittany Schille, found out they were pregnant in April, with due dates just days apart.

The sisters live about 20 minutes from each other and were able to regularly check in with each other as their pregnancies progressed.

"We definitely stayed connected and close," said Carruth.

Schille was scheduled for an induction on December 14th.

She told Today that she had been at the hospital for just a few hours when she heard her sister's voice in the hallway.

"We looked at each other and just started bawling," Carruth said. "For nine months I prepared myself knowing that I'd have to give birth without Britt because of COVID-19. And then there she was. It was comforting and so surreal."

Hospital staff were able to put the sisters in adjoining delivery rooms. They had the same doctor and many of the same nurses.

Carruth's son, Cassius, was born first, followed just 90 minutes later by Schille's son, Zander.

The women believe their late father, Paul Lemke, had something to do with their luck.

"He made this happen," Schille told Today. "He was looking down on us and smiling. He knew we needed each other. To some people it might seem like a crazy coincidence, but for us ... we know it's God and our dad."

It's hard enough giving birth and becoming parents, especially during a pandemic. Having a strong support network is critical, both for baby and mom's health.

We love that these two sisters were able to be there for each other through their pregnancies and deliveries. Best wishes to their families!

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