getting pregnant

Getting Pregnant

The top 10 toxins & chemicals to avoid while trying to get pregnant

We checked with some of our most trusted experts on mom and baby wellness.

Women's Health

These are the actual chances of getting pregnant each month

Plus expert tips on how to boost your chances.

Getting Pregnant

29 inspiring quotes to remember when trying to conceive

“Just keep swimming” —Finding Nemo

First Trimester

What month will my baby be born? Try our due date calculator

There are a few different ways to find out.

Motherly Stories

11 women on their surprise pregnancies

What happens when things don’t go to plan?

Miscarriage & Loss

A missed miscarriage can happen for a variety of reasons—here’s what it is, the symptoms and the causes

A fertility expert shares advice on how to cope with early pregnancy loss.


Meet the *new* Motherly

Introducing: Free on-demand classes, article bookmarking and DEALS!

Getting Pregnant

I became a first-time mother at 46 after a lifetime of being told I couldn’t have kids

It’s the miracle of my story, and the unlikelihood of my family, that stands out.

Celebrity News

Pregnancy speculation hurts everyone—yes, even celebrities

How these questions harm not only the ultra-famous but women everywhere.

Health & Wellness

Pregnant or TTC? New research shows just how important heart health is

Pregnancy places added stress on the heart—and a new study shows a link between fertility treatments and a higher risk for heart conditions.

Marriage & Partnerships

I miss how easy and fun sex was before my infertility struggles

Here’s how I found that place again.