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If you ask around, I doubt people are seeking out life advice from their twenty month old, but I recently decided to take on some of my son’s behaviors and it has been eye-opening. Almost two year olds are full of fun, laughter, wonder and often big emotions. Taking on my son’s “yay” attitude has changed the way I see the little things throughout my day—all for the better. Here are some admirable actions that toddlers do naturally and how my own toddler inspired me to live life differently.

5 life lessons from toddlers 

1. They show excitement

My son is in the stage where every time something happens that he is excited about, he says “yay”. This could be as simple as getting a snack handed to him, his favorite show on the TV or walking into the house after an outing. His little “yays” have made me appreciate the little things. 

2. They get close

Like many toddlers, my son is a big cuddler. He will make his way from one end of the couch to the other to snuggle up. He regularly has his hand on the shoulder of the person he is sitting next to and loves to hold hands. These displays of affection remind me how easy it is to show someone you love them and enjoy being in their company. 

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3. They celebrate wins

My son is constantly learning and trying new things. When he succeeds at a task, he often excitedly shouts “got it!”. He is proud of himself and he should be. Watching him celebrate the “little wins” has prompted me to do the same! 

4. They ask for what they want

Throughout his day, he is constantly requesting toys, books, games, tv shows, food, etc. and this often leads him to getting exactly what he wants. He reminds me that people aren’t mind readers and if you want something, often all you need to do is ask!

5. They appreciate a good meal

When mealtime comes around, it is the only task my son is focusing on. He isn’t multitasking, distracted or rushing through his meal. He savors each bite and will comment on it as he’s eating, saying “yummy” and “mmm”. Food is one of the most enjoyable parts of living, and should be treated as such—a fact that my son seems to know already.

Although he isn’t quite two, my son is filled with sage practices that serve as good reminders for the adults in his life. These small shifts in mindset can lead to a big impact—it sure has for me and can for you, too. 

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