A solo getaway might just be the best gift of all. Imagine packing a bag just for yourself (rather than packing for everyone else and forgetting all about yourself), making up an itinerary of your interests and not having to compromise for the kids or anyone else, because this trip is all about you.

Motherly’s annual State of Motherhood survey revealed that moms barely get any time to themselves. Change the narrative and embark on a solo adventure to feed the soul. Whether it’s a weekend or a week, there’s no question about it, you deserve it mama. Check out this list of the best destinations for a solo getaway.

These are the 10 best locales for solo trips in the US

1. Sedona, Arizona


The scenic landscape of Sedona makes it a great travel destination. Embark on a spiritual renewal at one of the few Sedona vortexes and gaze at the beautiful red rocks. Ride the ATVs, go birding or catch a yoga class on the mountains. Sedona has a lot to offer for a range of interests.

2. Asheville, North Carolina


Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains lies Asheville, North Carolina. Attend a healing sound concert in a salt cave or take a beat and relax on the historic Biltmore Estate. Kick back at one of the many wine bars and take a scenic drive through the Blue Ridge Parkway.

3. Ojai, California


The list of best solo trips in the US has got to include Ojai, California and more specifically, the Ojai Valley Inn. For the luxurious mama who wants to indulge herself, there is so much to immerse yourself in. From horseback riding, soap-making classes, treatment options, yoga and so much more. Downtown Ojai is a sight to behold too.

4. Naples, Florida


If you’re looking to relax on the beachside for your solo travels then look no further than Naples. This Floridian escape provides kayaking, dolphin watching cruises and sunny skies.

5. Boston, Massachussetts


Looking for a walkable city? Boston offers historic tours, museums and the lovely Charles River. Do as the locals do and take the local subway system from one side of the city to other. Between catching shows at the theater and taking in the city sights there’s much to do.

6. Boise, Idaho


Boise is all about the outdoors. There’s hiking, skiing and biking all against a scenic backdrop. Moms carry it all but allow the hot springs to melt some of your stress away.

7. Seattle, Washington


Seattle is the solo getaway that offers both a refuge into nature and city ambience. Visit the Space Needle and Pike Place Market. When you need to get away from it all just hop on the ferry.

8. Reno, Nevada


Marketed as the “biggest little city in the world” there really is a broad range of activities to do in Reno. From gambling to hiking and attending the annual balloon race to exploring the food scene, you have a lot of options. Part of the draw is its sister-city, Lake Tahoe.

9. New York, New York


If ever there was a city that you could explore, have an adventure and relax all in one day then it’s New York. Walk through charming neighborhoods, eat food from all over the world, visit historical sites or pamper yourself at luxurious spas. Plus, there is no end to live events.

10. Jackson, Wyoming


It’s a small town with a big personality. Explore the epic Teton Mountain range, see beautiful waterfalls and maybe catch a moose sighting. Book a dog sledding tour and have a well-deserved soak at the Astoria Hot Springs. Every season has its own cozy and lively activities.