One of the five billion ways moms carry the load of the entire family in ways dads typically do not is when it comes to the family vacation. From booking it, planning activities for it, and packing up the entire family—many moms do it all. In a TikTok that’s going viral, one mom forgot to pack her own clothes and has delivered an exasperated message that will likely resonate with moms everywhere.

“Moms always suffer,” writes Amanda Ayala, a Wisconsin mom of two. In the video, she’s talking to her husband Efrain, as she enters the family car with dripping wet hair and wearing nothing but a towel. She and her family had been on a week-long trip, and mom forgot to pack her own clothes.


“Hey! Why everybody else have clothes on and you’re still in your towel?” her husband asks, clearly enjoying the clothes-less scenario.

“Because I’m the mom,” Ayala replies, completely and utterly fed up. “And I get everybody else’s sh** together and not my own. So I come to the shower house with nothing. So here I am.”

“I had a super peaceful shower,” Efrain says, because apparently, he has a death wish. “It was nice.”

Amanda looks right at him—the DAGGERS—and says, “Take me home.” Here’s hoping her husband offered her at least his shirt after the camera stopped rolling, because if he didn’t, I’ll divorce him for her.

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Many women and moms shared similar sentiments in the comments section.

“I feel her!! No one ever worries about mama but she got to worry about everyone else.”

“Just from that tone alone, I knew he was a dead man.”

“Dad, step up.”

“Oh man. I feel this in my soul. A ‘family’ vacation is literally not a vacation for mom lol.”

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“I took my daughters to the public showers at a state park and when we were done, I realized that I had packed their pajamas and not my own,” Amanda tells TODAY. “There wasn’t a soul around so I walked back to the truck in my towel.”

She also said that while her husband did pack his own bag for the family trip, she handles everything for their kids and herself—like so many of us do.

“This (situation) embodies what we do as women — we are last, I’m always last. It’s kind of the role we take.”