5 powerful volunteer opportunities that even busy mamas can do

Older people love babies, and imagine how happy you’d make them with a regular visit.

5 powerful volunteer opportunities that even busy mamas can do

Maybe you’re not ready to go back to work yet, but you really miss that “working” feeling, like when you have a set job that needs to be done in a certain amount of time.

Why not volunteer?

Giving back to your community would be another big perk, as would having something to add to your resume if and when back-to-work time rolls around.

We already know mamas have big hearts.

Here are 5 ways you can give back:

1. Spend quality time at nursing homes.

Some nursing homes have established “Adopt a Grandparent” programs, where individuals are invited to spend time with a resident without family or visitors. Older people love babies, and imagine how happy you’d make them with a regular visit. This will make your heart happy, too.

2. Help out at food pantries + food banks.

Serving food may be challenging with the stroller, but strap baby into a carrier and scoop away!

Food banks can always use help organizing or restocking their shelves—time to put your organization skills to good use. You can also offer to stand outside a local grocery store asking for donations for the food bank. Who can say no to a cute baby and sweet mama? There are many families who rely on donations from food banks and pantries, and it’s incredibly important for everyone to chip in however they can to make life better for our friends and neighbors in need.

3. Promote good causes + events.

Is your church or local arts group hosting an event? Offer to walk around town distributing flyers to businesses and passersby. Everyone will stop to say hello to your adorable little one and while they pause you can pass along event info. You’ll get in a nice walk and show off baby, too!

4. Help with your favorite cause, even virtually.

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Do you have a favorite cause or charity? Contact them to see how you can lend your support other than just making a monetary donation. Stuff envelopes, make phone calls, collect donated items, maybe even host a mini-fundraiser to benefit the organization. Organize gatherings or fundraisers for a local museum or family resource center. Let your interests (Renaissance art? Search engine optimization? Early childhood literacy?) inspire you, and go where your heart leads.

There are also a host of virtual volunteer opportunities that can help keep your career skills fresh, without the pressure of a 9-to-5.

Check out VolunteerMatch’s Virtual Volunteer programs for opportunities that match your skill set and interest.

5. Create your own volunteer job.

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Do you see a missed opportunity to create some good? Fill that void yourself! Chair a bake sale at your church to fund a new mommy-and-me group. Establish a walk-a-thon at the local high school track to benefit a worthy charity. Get a local business to sponsor an Adopt-a-Highway span and pool together a group of fellow volunteers to clean it up every other week. Form a babysitting co-op specifically for unemployed moms who need to find a new job but don’t have a sitter for the job interviews. Collect work clothes for a women’s shelter to help these mamas get back to work.

There’s so much good to be done in the world. It seems like such a big job, but remember that all big changes started out as something very small. You can make a difference, mama! Let motherhood inspire you to recognize the needs all around you.

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