I'm a mom and multitasking is my superpower

Because of multitasking we can cook dinner while unloading the dishwasher, settling an argument and finally texting our friend back. (We might be three days late on that text, but look—we remembered! See? Our brains are fine.)

I'm a mom and multitasking is my superpower

Some days, particularly the very frazzled ones, I fantasize about being able to do one thing at a time. To start a task, think it through, complete it—check it off the list. (What a life I lead, where single-tasking are what my dreams are made of...)

Just think about it for a second. You decide, hmm yes, I think I'll try a new recipe for dinner tonight.

So, you:

1. Go to Pinterest (without being interrupted)

2. Find awesome stuffed peppers recipe (without being interrupted)

3. Gather your ingredients (without being interrupted)

4. Prep and focus on cooking the meal (without being interrupted)


5. Happily, calmly eat the delicious meal together (without being interrupted)

(Sexy fantasy, right??)

OK, so maybe in this season of my life, this dreamworld is akin to that of me hopping on the next flight to Hawaii for a romantic vacation with my husband. It's not going to happen.

But that's OK, right? Because...multitasking.

Multitasking sometimes gets a bad rap because it may be “killing productivity" or “causing us stress," blah blah blah. Yes, those may be legitimate, valid concerns.

BUT, moms multitask. It's how we roll.

How else would we get all the things done?

How else would we stay sane if multitasking wasn't also acting as a really helpful life skill that keeps all the wheels turning?

How else would we take on world domination?

So instead of condemning multitasking, mama, I'm here to salute you and your superpower.

Because of multitasking we can run businesses from our homes with babies and toddlers running and jumping and crawling on us and trying to get in on our virtual team meetings. (“Mommy, my turn? Can I say hi?")

Because of multitasking we can cook dinner while unloading the dishwasher, settling an argument and finally texting our friend back. (We might be three days late on that text, but look—we remembered! See? Our brains are fine.)

Because of multitasking we can reply to that email, finish listening to a podcast while hydrating our skin with a face mask. (Is it still considered self-caring if you're multitasking while self-caring?)

Because of multitasking we can rock our baby to sleep in their rock 'n' play with our foot while reading on the couch and finally getting a few sips of hot (okay, luke-warm) coffee. ☕

Because of multitasking we can take a shower while brainstorming ideas for work while also singing 'The Wheels on the Bus' so our child doesn't yell at us. (They can be scary.)

Because of multitasking we can apply mascara while catching up with our mom on speakerphone and watching our toddler out of the corner of our eye. (“Hold on one sec, Mom. Honey get down from the counter! Stop eating the toilet paper! And get your diaper back on!")

Because of multitasking we can solve world problems with our kiddo while using the toilet because kids don't believe in privacy and anyway we need to leave the bathroom door open because we're listening for the other one to make sure they're not doing anything destructive in the 30 seconds you need. (And 30 seconds is all they need, too. )

Because of multitasking we can book a venue for our child's birthday party while searching for a cute outfit for them to wear on Etsy and browsing for something cute for you, too. (Internet shopping FTW. )

Because of multitasking we can vacuum while taking bites of our lunch and picking up toys (and coins and hair ties and Lego and other non-vacuumable items) along the way. ✨

Because of multitasking we can lay with our babies until they fall asleep while sneaking earbuds in and catching up on our favorite show (with that brightness setting down low, obvs.)

Because of multitasking we can drive our kids around with their music keeping them happily singing in their seats while we earbud it again (safely in only one ear), listening to a book on our phone.

Because of multitasking we can make out with our husband while adding items to the running grocery list in our head. (Cheerios...bringing the sexy back since 1941. )

Because of multitasking we can breastfeed our baby while interviewing a prominent doctor for an article we're writing while also calming our annoyed toddler by finding their favorite episode of Beat Bugs on Netflix (thank you God for the mute button on our phones!).

To our fried brains, we're sorry. We will eventually take it all down a notch—promise.

But for now, this is mostly how it is. We've got to keep that train a' rollin'.

We've got to keep wearing all our different hats. All at the same time.

So, Mama—please know that you're doing your best, and so am I. One day we won't feel like we're going crazy every couple of days (or hours...or minutes…) Seriously.

One day we'll master single-tasking.

But for now? Multitasking? We're here for it.

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