35 magical baby names for your little enchanter

Add a little bibbidi-bobbidi-boo to your baby's name.

baby on blanket

Choosing a baby name can be so magical, can't it? Our vault of baby names is always growing with new inspirational lists like royals, seasons, and even celebrity baby names. But given the heightened popularity in magical and fantasy-themed movies and shows, we thought it was only appropriate to generate a list of mystical baby names. These names draw on influences from entertainment, mythology, and adages of the past. Their whimsical histories and meanings will add a spellbinding touch to your baby's sweet lil' name.

Below, find our A-Z list of supremely magical baby names—some of which you may remember from your favorite movie!

    1. Aisling
    2. Aladdin
    3. Ambrose
    4. Arabella
    5. Ariel
    6. Astrid
    7. Bodhi
    8. Borak
    9. Calypso
    10. Cedric
    11. Cleo
    12. Cosmo
    13. Cullen
    14. Dante
    15. Divinity
    16. Draco
    17. Gandalf
    18. Gretel
    19. Gwendolyn
    20. Hans
    21. Hansel
    22. Hermoine
    23. Hero
    24. Junio
    25. Nirvana
    26. Ophelia
    27. Pixie
    28. Reign
    29. Remus
    30. Rue
    31. Sybil
    32. Talia
    33. Thor
    34. Zelda
    35. Zohar

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