As a sleep-deprived new mom, most of the day is spent trying to remember the last time you fed your baby, changed their diaper, or managing their sleep schedule. The old school hair tie trick to remember which side you last nursed on is easily forgotten—especially when you accidentally use the only hair tie on your wrist to reset your messy bun.

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Those early days of newborn breastfeeding can be a magical bonding experience, but they can also be stressful and overwhelming, especially with cluster feeding, late-night nursing, long feeding sessions, and sleepless nights. To help know if your baby is consuming enough milk or formula, an app to track infant feedings can be very helpful. Whether you are breastfeeding, exclusively pumping, formula feeding or combination feeding, every new mom deserves all the help she can get, and a baby feeding tracker app can do just that. Luckily there are several apps to track infant and baby feedings along with diaper changes, sleep, baby milestones, medication, formula, pumping and so much more. 

We’ve rounded up the top 12 baby feeding tracker apps that each come with unique features tailored to your specific needs as a mom or caregiver.

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Best baby feeding apps for breastfeeding or pumping

Baby Tracker app

Baby Tracker – Newborn Log

Ranked as a top infant feeding app, The Baby Tracker is perfect for busy moms who are looking for a quick and streamlined interface that is easy to use on the go. With a quick view of the tracking calendar, you can see patterns and trends for all healthy habits and leaps your baby makes week by week. Track baby’s daily activities including feedings, diaper changes and sleep patterns. The Baby Tracker app also features a timer for pumping sessions, formula feds, supplements and night mode for those late-night feedings. An upgrade of the app will allow you to sync data to your apple watch and use voice commands with Siri.

Baby Connect app

Baby Connect – Newborn Tracker

Geared toward busy moms, the Baby Connect app integrates with Siri to track feedings (bottle, breastfeedings, solid food or cup), diaper changes, sleep, mood and daily activities. Baby Connect will sync data with a partner or nanny and also has a web interface accessible without an iPhone. Baby Connect will allow you to customize the app for toddlers and older kids to track potty training and solid foods. If you are looking for an app to use for years to come this is the one for you. You will be able to use this all-encompassing baby feeding app for infants, toddlers and older kids.

Glow Baby Tracker and Growth App

Glow, Baby: Newborn Tracker Log

You’ll love the Glow Baby App if you’re looking to connect with other parents—discuss milestones, leaps and baby progression with the unique community feature. With 5 years of support, The Glow Baby: Newborn Tracker Log will help you track baby’s feeds, solid intake, milestones and diaper changes. You can also track your child’s progress with Glow Baby’s weekly notification and personalized summaries—a complete PDF guide for all of your child’s data, and interactive growth charts. A premium upgrade will let you share data with multiple caregivers, connect with other new parents in parent support groups, private message with caregivers and full access to The Glow Baby article directory.

Best breastfeeding apps for exclusively breastfeeding moms

Baby Feed Timer, breastfeeding

Baby Feed Timer, Breastfeeding

Specifically geared toward breastfeeding moms to track nursing sessions, the Baby Feed Timer allows you to track when you last nursed, which side you last nursed on and sends reminders for when a feed is due. Synced to your Apple Watch, data is quickly logged to spot trends and show daily and weekly averages (handy for when your pediatrician asks). The Baby Feed Timer also includes an easy start/stop timer, bottles, pumping sessions, diapers, sleep, solid food, baby’s weight and medications.

Baby Daybook

Baby Daybook

Moms who are attached to your daily planner, this one’s for you! Baby Daybook provides a breastfeeding tracker that tracks which breast was used last and for how long. You’ll also benefit from this app’s daily summary, which tells you what time baby was fed on each breast as well as the reminder feature that will tell you it’s time to feed. (In case you have a sleepy little one who is trying to put on weight and needs a little prompting.)

Best baby feeding apps for multiple children

Ovia Parenting and Baby Tracker

Ovia Parenting & Baby Tracker

The Ovia Parenting & Baby Tracker is a must-have app for new parents looking for a baby feeding app that can track monthly milestones such as lifting head, bringing hands to face, rolling over, etc. This baby feeding tracker app can also log the progress of multiple children at once by adding feeding sessions, diaper changes, sleep, milestones and photos. There is also a plethora of articles and education for new parents. Synced onto one family calendar, the Ovia Parent & Baby Tracker helps you share special moments with easy picture and video sharing. You may also enter your Ovia health plan information to access an expanded set of tools and resources. (FYI: In addition to the parenting app, Ovia Health also offers a fertility app and pregnancy app).

Medela Family - Baby Tracker

Medela Family – Baby Tracker

This all-inclusive maternity app provides tracking tools for pregnancy, breastfeeding, breast pumping, milk storage and vital baby development activities. In addition to the tracking features, the Medela Family Baby Tracker app allows you to view articles, custom tips, set reminders and support your baby feeding goals. During pregnancy, this app will show you the size of the baby, and the ability to monitor and time contractions. The Medela Family Baby Tracker will connect seamlessly to the Medlea Sonata and Freestyle Flex smart breast pumps for real-time recordings of pumping sessions. Lastly, you will have access to experts tips and articles to answer questions and help you reach your maternity and breastfeeding goals.

Baby Tracker by Nara

Baby Tracker by Nara

The Nara Baby Tracker app is a shared hub focused on setting a maintaining a predictable schedule for your little one. The Nara Baby Tracker allows you to log breast and bottle sessions throughout the day along with timed breastfeeding sessions, sleep, bottle feedings and diaper changes. You can also set reminders for the next feedings, log which side you last nursed on, nap schedule and pumping sessions. A special feature unique to this app is the ability to track multiple babies on one account—and it works across multiple devices.

Best baby feeding apps for exclusively pumping moms

Pump Log

Pump Log

The Pump Log is best for exclusively pumping mothers. This app not only helps you track your pumping sessions, it also provides automatic reminders so you don’t miss a pumping session. The Pump Log allows you to see trends in production, features a pump timer, food tracking to improve production and a note section to record each pumping session. The Pump log would be perfect for moms exclusively pumping, NICU moms exclusively pumping, or moms returning to work after maternity leave who want to keep a steady supply.

Willow Gen 3 app

Willow Gen 3

Willow breast pump users will definitely want the Willow Gen 3 app that tracks milk flow in real time! This helpful app also shows you how much milk you’ve pumped and how long you’ve been pumping on each side, displays your current phase and suction level, and lets you know when it’s time to charge the pump.

Best baby feeding app for baby led weaning, starting solids

Solid Starts app

Solid Starts

Solid Starts is the go-to app for moms transitioning their babies from an exclusive diet of breastmilk or formula to their first solid foods. With this app, parents can learn how to safely introduce more than 200 foods to baby while also reading up on allergen and choking info, how to cut food to the appropriate size, and even recipes that help convince baby to try the food more easily. Solid Starts also provides a food log where parents can record baby’s progress, what foods baby has tried and if they’ve had any reactions.

Best baby tracker app that does more than track feeding

Talli baby app

Talli Baby

For parents who want one app that tracks feeding, diaper changes, medication, baths, tummy time, sleep schedules and everything else, Talli Baby is here to save the day. Talli Baby is the place where all the important info is stored, making it super easy to hand it over to grandparents, a nanny, babysitter or daycare worker. And it is completely customizable—for example, if your child isn’t on solids yet, you can rename that category to track something else. This app really does make exhausted parents’ lives easier!

Ritual postnatal vitamin


Essential Postnatal


Ritual’s postnatal is formulated to include key nutrients for moms postpartum with added support for lactation. Each capsule is packed with 15 traceable ingredients—including vitamins A, D, C, E, B12, zinc, magnesium and iron, among others—all of which will help keep mom healthy during this exciting, but often very challenging time in her life.

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