“Feeding babies is simple, right?” — said just about no one, ever. The truth is that for something supposedly so natural and definitely so necessary, feeding babies can feel downright complicated. And while breast milk has its advantages, breastfeeding or exclusively pumping isn’t always the right answer for many families for a variety of reasons. In fact, 83% of parents in the United States use baby formula at some point.

Despite this silent majority of parents using formula, the options and support for formula-feeding mamas lagged for far too long. That is until Bobbie entered the picture in 2021. Not only is Bobbie the first US baby formula modeled after strict European Union nutritional standards, but it’s also the only infant formula company founded and led by mamas.
In other words, Bobbie gets what mamas want, which is why giving the gift of Bobbie formula to new parents who use formula is truly an offering of support, love and respect.

Not to mention just how usable a present like this is—considering a three-month-old baby consumes nearly 200 bottles per month. With Bobbie formula, each of those bottles is filled with a European-style organic formula modeled after breast milk that supports babies’ growth, development and energy. (Bonus: Motherly readers can save 15% with the code MOTHERLY15)

The evidence that parents deserve more support when it comes to formula-feeding is clear, too. According to a survey of moms that was conducted by Wakefield Research, 72% of mamas said feeding was “much more” challenging than anticipated.* Another 70% of moms who intended to exclusively breastfeed for six months began using formula before that point. And the biggest problem of all is that the vast majority of those mamas—79%!—felt guilty about some aspect of their feeding journey. (As if we don’t have enough on our plates as new parents.) 

That’s why Bobbie’s mission isn’t just to offer the highest-quality baby formula on the market in the United States. Rather, Bobbie’s aim is to, “Build a parenting culture of confidence, not comparison, where every parent is supported in the feeding choice that is right for them and their baby.” 

That goal permeates everything Bobbie does and offers. Here’s how…

The Feeding Confessionals

This groundbreaking, yearlong project showcases raw and honest videos from real parents as they talk about everything from postpartum mental health to feeding expectations and more. There really is just something about feeling “seen” through relatable videos that can help parents give themselves loving acceptance for their choices. 

“How is Feeding Going?”

A national awareness project led by Bobbie, “How is Feeding Going?” seeks to normalize all feeding journeys. Considering nearly half of new moms have lied about their feeding choices, making space in a conversation for the truth is so important and empowering.

Mindful Mamas Guided Meditations

Bobbie teamed up with Mindful Mamas to create first-of-their-kind guided meditations for working through common feeding challenges, such as breastfeeding, pumping, bottle-feeding and weaning. With 90% of mamas saying that their mental health has been negatively affected while caring for a baby, this partnership encourages new parents to make their self-care a priority. 

By following through with their mission in everything they do, Bobbie supports families on a practical level (top-notch organic baby formula) and a just-as-meaningful emotional level, too. What’s a better gift than that? Right now, Motherly readers can save 15% on their first purchase of Bobbie baby formula

*REFERENCE: Bobbie x Wakefield Research Study of 1,000 moms who gave birth in the 24 months leading up to August 2021.