*We’ve partnered with The First Years to help you through one of parenting’s toughest transitions.

Baby’s first bath is one of parenting’s sweetest milestones….but it’s also one of the most stressful. There’s slipping, sliding, splashing and crying — sometimes from more than just your baby. It’s no surprise that many new parents try to avoid baby’s first bath for as long as (tiny) humanly possible.

To help you avoid bathtime tears (yours and baby’s!), we’ve partnered with The First Years to give you the tools you need to get baby (and, ok, you too) comfortable with bathtime. The First Years 4-in-1 Warming Comfort Tub is designed to grow with baby through 4 stages — which is helpful since our cheat sheet is so good that your baby might never want to get out of that secure and cozy tub! Print it, bookmark it and share it with your terrified mom friends (there’s more of them than you think…read below to find out!). Happy bathing.

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how to ace babys first bath 0Infographic by Samantha Jeffords for Well Rounded.


how to ace babys first bath 1THE FIRST YEARS 4-IN-1 WARMING COMFORT TUB, $34.99