Boho nursery decor can create the ultimate, calm and cool space for you and your little one. A mixture of textures, neutrals and natural elements can elevate your space. If you’re working with a large space or a small-space nursery, there are so many ways to incorporate dreamy products.

Shopping for all things baby is exciting. Adorable onesies the size of your hand and cute little booties that you know you’ll have to size up on in just a few months are probably already in your cart but, creating a relaxed and inviting space is an art.

Calm vibes and boho decor go hand in hand. A boho-themed nursery can be your port in the storm. Because whether you’re feeding your baby or trying to calm your colicky baby, chances are that you’re doing it all on little to no sleep. Why not at least give your eyes a feast of pretty while you’re conquering all things mom? From macramé wall hangings to decorative woven baskets, here are all the things you need to design your baby’s nursery.

What is a boho-themed nursery?

So, you’ve got a little cutie on the way—congratulations! Whether it’s your first or your fourth, babies have a way of accumulating a lot of things. The great thing about boho nursery decor is that you can repurpose a lot of it throughout your house when you’re nursery transitions to a toddler room. Of course, you can also use some items as hand-me-downs for your next babe as well!

Boho decor usually includes these stylistic elements:

Natural elements

Rattan, bamboo and jute are all popular elements.


Mixing different textures is at the heart of boho decor. A mash of textiles can give a cozy vibe.

Color palette

Incorporate all of that “sad beige parent” and mix in some earthy tones.

Boho nursery decor ideas

giraffe wicker basket

pottery barn kids

Giraffe Shaped Wicker Basket


This handmade, giraffe-shaped wicker basket will put a smile on your little one’s face. They will love the fun shape and you will love the organizational aspect. Fill it with their favorite stuffies or favorite books, either way it makes a statement.

wooden blocks


Etched Wooden Baby Blocks


They’re delightful and cognitively stimulating for your little one’s growing brain. Each alphabet block features beautiful, artisan designs. They’re made of poplar wood and they make a great gift just as much as they make a great keepsake.



Sleepi™ V3 Convertible Crib


There’s a reason the Sleepi is beloved by so many. The natural finish would fit perfectly in any boho nursery and the best part is that it grows with your child.

boho rattan light Motherly


Boho Rattan Cylinder Kids' Nightlight


This cylinder nightlight features threaded chevron stripes and a neutral tone that can add a boho-chic vibe to any space. It’s a charming piece of decor will bring a warm glow to your little one’s nursery.

tassel garland

West Elm

Oversized Tassel Garland


The easiest way to pull together a boho-theme for any space is with a tassel garland. Hang it above the crib for a fun statement piece.

safari mobile


Kendi Animal Baby Mobile


Snuggly, safari animal friends will help your baby doze off to sleep with this sweet mobile. The pompoms add a touch of whimsy and the natural tones make a lovely addition to any nursery.

rattan cloud shelf

pottery barn kids

Quinn Rattan Cloud Shelf


A cloud wall shelf is just the thing to finish off any wall. The sturdy metal frame can keep their small treasures safe and the handwoven rattan and whitewash finish give the piece a rustic look.

washable play rug

Lorena Canals



It’s a washable play rug, need I say more? Your baby will love the miniature landscape, the different textures and the snuggly horse that comes with it. They can drool, spit-up or spill milk and it won’t matter because you can toss it in the wash! The neutral tones will fit nicely with your boho nursery.

WOOD GYM Motherly


Natural Wood Gym


Taste and function collide in this wooden activity gym that’s a staple decor piece and a great play piece to engage your child. The wood is sanded down, without any varnish or finish. Assembly is simple and it can even be packed away in the storage bag that’s included.

c260c635 7c41 4e15 8e87 15f1fa8c7c46 Motherly


Muslin Blanket


Long nights and early morning call for a soft blanket that will keep you and baby cozy through feedings and bonding time. Since you’re probably spending more time in the nursery than any other room, it should be as comfy as you want it.

beaded mirror


Macramé Mirror


This beaded, macramé mirror would make a gorgeous addition to your nursery. Choose from different colors that all fit the bill for a boho vibe. Truly a versatile piece that can work anywhere in your home.


World Market

Boho Sheer Cotton Macrame Canopy


Who doesn’t love a sheer canopy? Drape it around one corner of the crib or let it cocoon around the rocking chair you use for feedings. No matter where you put it this canopy adds a distinct flair.