Earlier this year I gave birth to twins (yes, during a pandemic, which meant no outside help) so I’ve gotten a crash course on everything that is useful and also what you don’t actually need when it comes to having two babies.

This gift guide will give you options on what to get parents of multiples, whether a mama is currently pregnant or their littles are infants—and beyond. And remember, having multiple babies does not mean that parents need duplicates of *everything.* Most families already have the basics—car seat and bassinets—taken care of so these are all the cute extras they’ll love to have.

Here are the best products for multiple babies:

Lalo high chair

LALO The Chair

I chose this chair over the other gazillion ones available because once your children outgrow the high chair mode, this turns into a toddler play chair, which gives your investment a way longer life than other feeding chairs. It’s also super stylish and modern without compromising any of the safety needs for little ones.

Bumbleride Indie Twin stroller

BUMBLERIDE Indie Twin - Double Stroller

The Bumbleride Twin Indie stroller is hands down my favorite stroller for multiples. It can be used from birth with bassinets and then move to rumble seats as babies grow. By having your babies side by side you can look at both at the same time. Having inflatable bike style tires means you can push this stroller through all terrain.

Lou Lou Lollipop headbands

Knotted Headband in TENCELu2122 - Flower Vine

For the mamas with twin girls: If you want to tell your twins apart or if you just like headbands a lot, these from Lou Lou Lollipop are adorable, super comfortable and affordable.

TwinGo carrier

TwinGo carrier

I love babywearing because it’s so beneficial for everyone involved, however one parent cannot carry two babies in regular carriers. Enter: TwinGo, the one carrier in the market that allows you to wear two babies at the same time. It’s ideal for parents who will be solo with two kids, and after some practice, it’s as easy to use as any other carrier.

Doona car seat

Doona Car Seat & Stroller

The Doona has been a game-changer in our house. I knew I needed one when I was scheduled for a C-section, which basically then means you can’t carry anything heavier than a baby. You know what’s heavier than a baby? A baby in a car seat! So we used our Doonas right from day one when we got discharged, allowing me to push one or two babies (yes, it’s that easy when they are on wheels). These are ideal for traveling parents because it means one less thing to bring with you (bye stroller!) while still keeping your babies super safe.

Table for two seat

Table for two seat

This ingenious seat for two is key for one parent to be able to bottle-feed two infants at the same time. It’s also safe to strap babies in while preparing bottles. The cover comes in different colors and is water-resistant for easy cleaning. Plus, there’s a bottle holder on each side so parents won’t need to worry about mixing the bottles up. Genius!

Comotomo bottle set

Comotomo bottle set

Speaking of bottle-feeding, this Comotomo bottle set is fabulous for parents of multiple newborns. You can get it in two different colors (pink and green) to help differentiate between which baby gets what bottle (which I think is a great idea for identical twins) and the wide nipple resembles a breast, helping babies switch easily from bottle to boob if you choose.



BABYBJu00d6RN Bouncer Bliss in 3D Mesh

This bouncer is made to last . It’s also so useful when you have twins because you can leave one playing while tending to the other’s needs (like diaper change or a bath). Both my girls love bouncing and playing with toys in it. Of course, never leave child unattended. And when it’s not in use, it folds easily and can be stored under couches or in closets.

SNOO smart bassinet

SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet

I wrote a super lengthy review of the SNOO and how it changed my life (no, really, it did). It was absolutely necessary with the twins. It helped us keep them on the same sleep schedule, gave us an extra “hand” while we dealt with newborns in the middle of a pandemic with no extra help and eventually got them to sleep through the night without any sleep training required.


Brooklinen sheets

Crib Sheet Set

Once your babes move to their cribs (which will happen eventually) or if you decide to start them right there from the beginning, you will be doing a lot of crib-related laundry (because, you know, spit ups, blow outs, all those fun things) and these sheets from Brooklinen are not only super soft and fun but also durable. Get matching ones or mix them up, they are all so much fun.

Allswell natural crib mattress

The Natural Crib Mattress

With my first, I purchased some random crib mattress because I was overwhelmed with all the options and I was about to give birth. Big regret, since months later I ended up buying another mattress that was made to keep my toddler cool and comfortable. With the twins, I immediately invested in good crib mattresses that will last for years and grow with them. This all natural crib mattress from Allswell has a side for babies and another for toddlers—both easily distinguishable thanks to a label on the side so you’ll never be second guessing whether it’s set the right way.

My Breast Friend nursing pillow

My Breast Friend nursing pillow

Breastfeeding pillows are great because they help mom distribute the weight of baby. This pillow is designed specifically for twins, allowing mom to put one baby at each breast. If you’re looking for just one, we’re obsessed with this one that we created with all mamas in mind.


Wireless  Willow double pump

 Roll over image to zoom in Willow Hands-Free, Portable, in-Bra Double Electric Breast      Pump with App

This double pump is hands-free and super quiet. You place it inside your bra, allowing you to move around and do other things while pumping. Each container holds up to 4 ounces and is dishwasher-safe. You can also pump directly into Willow bags which are safe to store in a fridge or freezer. As someone who pumped for eight months and felt very limited while being attached to one for 30-40 minutes at a time, this is glorious.


TwinZ pillow

TwinZ pillow

This pillow is perfect to have your littles lounge next to each other, letting you be more hands-free. Once they are ready, they can also do tummy time together. Or you can put it on your lap and have both babies snuggle with you at the same time. Remember, this is not safe for sleep so do not leave a baby snoozing unattended.


Oribel PortaPlay activity center

PortaPlay Stage-Based Activity Center - Monsterland Adventures

I didn’t have an activity center with my first because he was one baby and we were out and about all day long. Now that I have two infants and we are in the middle of a pandemic, this activity center allows me to do things while the girls play. I love this one in particular because it grows with your babies, you can change the toys according to what skills they are working on and it goes all the way up to becoming a table where they can sit to eat, draw or play once they are toddles. A true bang for your buck.

MontiKids play gym

MONTIKIDS Montessori Activity Gym

I like this activity gym from MontiKids a lot, not only because it’s Montessori and minimalist, but also because two babies actually fit under the toys and since there’s no mat under it neither baby will ever roll out of it. And bonus! You can turn it into a tent once they grow out of floor play.

Infantino’s balls, blocks + buddies set


I recommend this specific set of sensory toys for parents of twins because of how much you get for your money. My twins LOVE the buddies (especially good for teething since they have different textures) but also my toddler loves building towers with the blocks to keep his sisters entertained. So it’s a win for the whole family without having to break your bank.


MagneticMe clothes

magnetic bodysuit + harem pants

One baby needing a change in the middle of the night is already hard enough, imagine two! That’s why I’m never buying clothes with snaps ever again. MagneticMe are perfect outfits that close with magnets and are totally safe for babies. It will make your life so much easier and more efficient.

4moms travel playard

breeze GO

Remember traveling? Yeah, me neither. But, repeat after me: containment, containment, containment. ​Once your little ones start crawling around, this playard is great for keeping them safe (whether it’s a new place like grandma’s house or in your living room). I’ve also found with multiple babies there just isn’t ​too much ​ when it comes to safe places to plop them. The more you have, the easier your life will be.


City Tour travel double stroller

city touru2122 2 Double Stroller

Speaking of travel, if you are up for an adventure (whether by plane or by car), this double stroller folds super compactly for a double design and is light and easy to maneuver. Wheels are not all terrain like the Bumbleride mentioned before, but it will fit through any regular door, and as twin parents will tell you, that’s a huge deal.


Twins On Board car sign

best gifts for parents of multiples 20

Driving around with little ones can be stressful, so adding this sign to your car will allow others to know that there are two little babies with you.


Bath Time book for twins

best gifts for parents of multiples 21

This is just a cute book to have around to read to your kids about every day tasks, like bathtime. ?


Minnie Made It name onesies

Personalized Twins Matching Onesies

These onesies are adorable and will make everyone laugh. Also great way to tell your identical twinsies apart, especially at doctor’s appointments!


The Spunky Stork peanut butter + jelly t-shirts


This combo is everyone’s favorites and this tees will be equally loved as your twinsies grow into toddlers. They can wear them at the same time or not, endless outfit options!

Motherly “I Am Enough” cuff bracelet – adult

Motherly "I Am Enough" cuff bracelet - adult

This bracelet will be a gentle reminder for the mom of twins, that you’ve got this, that you can do it and that you will get through all the hard seasons with your babies.

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