Too hot. Too cold. Just right. Like Goldilocks, little ones can be quite particular about outdoor temperatures since their bodies aren’t able to regulate internal temperatures as well as adults. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “Because of their unique physiology, children are more susceptible to temperature extremes and their health effects.”

For that reason, there are simply some extreme conditions when it isn’t safe for your baby to spend time outside: With extreme heat, dehydration, fatigue and headaches are possible. With very low temperatures, hypothermia is a bigger threat to young children than it is to adults.

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The good news? That’s in extreme conditions. For the most part, the right clothes and types of layers can keep your baby comfortable.

“The general rule of thumb is that your baby should be dressed in one more layer than you feel comfortable in,” said Diana Spalding, CNM. “If you are happy with one long-sleeve shirt, your baby should probably have a long-sleeve onesie, plus another shirt or light jacket on top.”

Still, even knowing how to dress yourself can feel complicated sometimes. That’s why we created a handy cheat sheet for how to dress your baby based on outside temperature.

How to Dress Baby for Weather Temperatures Motherly

Keep in mind that other factors can affect your comfort outside, such as humidity, windchill and the sun. When in doubt, dress your baby in layers that you can easily add to or shed!

For expectant parents, it also helps to plan ahead to know what types of clothes to buy in what sizes based on how old your baby will be during winter, spring, summer or fall. Here are some of our favorite layers to add to your baby registry!

Hanna Andersson Baby Bodysuit In Organic Cotton

Hanna Andersson


1. Organic Cotton Baby Bodysuit

Parents rave about the quality of Hanna Andersson’s organic cotton material—and we can back that up! This organic cotton bodysuit is thick enough to keep your baby warm in cooler temps, but is also breathable to keep them comfy if the sun comes out.

Carter's Recycled Sherpa Pram



3. Recycled Sherpa Pram

Made with cuddly recycled poly sherpa and organic cotton, this super soft, hooded bodysuit will keep your little one cozy in cool weather. Great for layering over pants and long-sleeve top, the pram zips from up for quick wardrobe changes.

Ugg Bixbee Booties



4. Bixbee Ankle Boots

Available in a size for 0-12 months, these boots can see your baby through a full year of cool weather. With 4.8 stars from nearly 4,000 reviews, parents love that these shoes actually stay on babies’ feet and are really cozy.

Organic Cotton Baby Cardigan

Hanna Andersson


5. Organic Cotton Baby Cardigan

This is a classic layer for good reason! Made with organic cotton sweaterknit and available in a variety of sweet colors, no one will blame you for registering for a few sizes of this cardigan.

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