I remember exactly how I felt when the nurse told me she saw two babies on the ultrasound screen: confused, perplexed and totally terrified. We wanted another baby and I loved that we were getting two but at the same time I was totally intimidated by how we were going to handle them and our toddler at the same.

So I did a lot of research on baby products, especially since the first time around I bought a lot of things that I ended up not using or that our baby was simply not interested in. I wanted to be more eco-conscious this time around and also save our wallets (because we will need to eventually pay for three colleges at the same time!)

But of course, babies always have different plans than we parents do. So now that the twins are earth side and growing like weeds, I’ve discovered that not all the things I thought I needed I do and in the process also discovered some things I cannot live without now.

Here are the items every twin parent needs:

HALO Bassinest sleeper

HALO Bassinest Twin Sleeper Double Bassinet

This bassinet was key after coming home with our twins. Not only is it a safe space for babies to sleep which follows AAP guidelines, but it also kept our toddler away from them. The bassinet comes with a vibrating option to help soothe babies and it can also play white noise to keep them snoozing peacefully.

We even used this for our twins to get a little bit of sunshine when they were super tiny to help their bilirubin levels stay down. What I really love about this bassinet is that it kept our twins together, allowing them to see each other through the mesh, but also providing each of them a separate place to sleep.




Magnetic me clothes

Pink Doeskin Modal Magnetic Footie

Babies go through a lot of changes in those first few months, times that by two and you’ll quickly realize you need easy clothes to put on and take off, especially in the middle of the night. Magnetic Me onesies have magnets instead of snaps which makes changing ten times faster. When our twins have worn their onesies to the pediatrician the staff is always obsessed with their clothes. The prints they offer are adorable and their patterns come in preemie sizes up to 24 months, so you could even coordinate all your kids.




WubbaNub pacifiers

Afrique Lion WubbaNub

These pacifiers have always been a hit with all my kids, but the reason I’m recommending these over any other pacifier for parents of multiples is because the stuffed animals attached to the pacifier help us find them quicker in the middle of a meltdown and also know which one belongs to which baby. It can be heard at all hours of the day in our house, “Can you toss me the lion please?” or, “Where did the platypus go?”




Eco Pea bamboo diapers

Bamboo Diapers

Twin parents go through A LOT of diapers a day and that’s why we chose to go with eco friendly ones for our daughters to help reduce our impact in the environment. These Eco Pea diapers are made of bamboo sheets which are sustainable and biodegradable, unlike regular diapers. They go from newborn to size 4.




Kibou fannypack diaper bag

Kibou Blush

Yes, parents of multiples need to carry a lot of diapers, however they also really need both of their arms free to pick up and carry around little ones—that’s why I’m obsessed with this deliberately minimal diaper bag. It makes quick errands so easy without having to lug around a huge backpack. I’ve used it for doctor appointments and it’s a hit. Plus, it’s super stylish and has the perfect compartments for all the things parents need to carry. It even has a foldable changing pad!




Bottle warmer and formula dispenser

Portable Bottle Warmer Pro Set

​Warming up milk has never been easier and more accurate. This portable bottler warmer will have your babies’ milk ready to go super fast. It comes with four different temperature settings which range from room temperature to ideal temperature for babies with reflux (hi, both of mine have it). The formula dispenser that comes with the set is amazing and making bottles is mess free thanks to it. No more carrying scoopers around or shaking containers to get all the powder out. This dispenser allows you to safely and easily add the right amount of formula to bottles.




Wonderfold Wagon

WONDERFOLD W4 Multi-Function Four Passenger Wagon Folding

This is the one wagon that can hold four children at the same time, so it’s basically made for parents of multiples. Makes trips anywhere easier because you can have all your children in the same place




Twin-Z pillow

Twin Z PIllow + Light Green Cover + Free Travel Bag

This is one of the purchases I made in the middle of the night while pumping for the millionth time of the day after seeing so many photos of twins happily chilling on these. And now I get the hype. This pillow is great for babies to hang out together, easy for parents to bottle feed both at the same time and can also be turned into a nursing pillow for tandem nursing. Our toddler also loved lounging on it with one of his sisters while we held the other, so it’s not just for twin parents, but also parents of more than just one child. The cover is machine washable and easy to put back on.




BABYBJÖRN Bouncer Bliss

Bouncer Bliss in 3D Mesh

This bouncer allowed us to hold one baby while keeping the other happy and smiling. Ideal for parents of multiples because it folds flat and can be stored under couches or behind doors, so even if you need two of them you won’t have them in your way all day long. The mesh makes it breathable and perfect year round. We use these all the time around the house, while cooking, while pumping, while bathing one of the babies and keeping the other next to us.




Thule double stroller

Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller

There are a ton of double strollers out there, but I love this one because it’s all terrain, which means you can take your little ones in all the adventures you want. And, if you purchase the car seat adaptors, they can start using this stroller from day one. I initially thought that we didn’t really need a side-by-side stroller, but our daughters quickly taught us that they don’t like being stacked up while being pushed around and both like enjoying the view of our strolls.




Toki Mat playmat

Aztec arrows padded play mat

With our first we bought one of those cute playmats with toys hanging. We intended to use it again with the twins but quickly realized that two babies don’t really fit in those mats which are clearly designed for singletons. Enter Toki Mats which are not only adorable and comfortable, but also allow us to place both babies together for tummy time or play time without anyone falling off of it.




Tøy clothes

Baby Jumpsuit

I love the Tøy clothes for multiple babies because they are gender neutral, super soft and easy to put on them, which means regardless of what gender your babies are you can have all of them wear the same pieces, reducing the amount of clothes you need to purchase. The simplicity of each piece makes them super chic!




Angel care bath support tub

Angelcare Baby Bath Support

These bathtub inserts have made bathing our twins so much easier. Since day one they’ve been comfortable in them, and now that they are a little older we can put both of them in our tub sitting in these and watch them splash and giggle. Bathing newborns is a huge anxiety trigger for me (slippery wobbly babies!) and these inserts made such a difference this time around I actually recommend it for any new parent.




Doona car seat + stroller

Doona+ Car Seat Stroller 2020 + Base

I’ve learned that with multiple babies you need products that tackle more than one pain point, and the Doona car seat does exactly that. It was key during my C-section recovery because I couldn’t carry anything heavier than the babies, so the Doona allowed me to stroll one of out the car while my husband carried the other one for pediatrician appointments. This car seat is also highly recommended for travel since it allows you to pack one less bulky thing: a double stroller. The babies love it and I love it even more.




A cooling mattress

Bundle of Dreams Celsius

Twin parents know more than anyone else how much sleep is key to keeping everyone happy, so even though there are a ton of crib mattresses out there I recommend the Bundle of Dreams CELSIUS because it keeps babies cool while they sleep. It comes with double firmness, baby and toddler, so you can use this mattress for a really long time making it worth the price tag.




Zen Sack Classic by Nested Bean


New parents need all the extra sleep they can get. Twin parents even more so. That’s why I recommended this lightly weighed sleep sack that will help your baby sleep a little longer. It can be worn backwards by tummy sleepers who can roll independently and has 2 shoulder strap tabs to grow with your twins. The weighed logo gives your baby a gentle pressure that soothes them back to sleep.




Zipease Rompers


The Zipease rompers are perfect for parents of multiples because they make diaper changes so much easier. Instead of having a ziper down baby’s torso, it’s placed between their legs so you don’t need to get anyone fully naked for a change. They go from zero months to 3 toddler.




Hope&Plum ring sling

ring sling

Wearing babies is great for everyone. Babies practice head support, it helps with digestion and parents get to bond with them even more. Ring slings are a great way to wear both babies at the same time. The slings from Hope&Plum are super soft and excellent quality. For someone who had always worn babies using click and go systems, these slings made it super easy for me to learn how to wear the twins.




Delta glass rinser

glass rinser

A huge pain point for parents of multiples AND multiple children is the amount of dishes we do on a daily basis. We had to bottle feed our twins and our sink was constantly overflowing with dirty bottles that needed rinsing. This glass rinser saved us a lot of time and also made us feel like professional bottle cleaners. Plus, it gave us the confidence that our babies are drinking out of residue free bottles.




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