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There's something about back to school season that gets us all excited to shop. Especially for stuff that will help make the return to our September routine a little smoother. Or a little more stylish. Or both.

To help ring in back to school season, we asked our editors to scour the offerings at Pehr, where all the modern and sophisticated storage options are 25% off from August 25-August 27th with the coupon code BOOK. (Plus, sign up for Pehr's newsletter for an additional discount!).

By full admission, our staff simply could not stick only to storage -- Pehr's got way too much good stuff in the bedding, layette and home decor departments to shop baskets alone. So get ready for an interior overhaul...all in the name of back to school (or so we tell ourselves).

Jessica Pallay, Co-founder

Editor's Pick: Gold Foil Speck Bin

This year, my goal for back to school is getting out the door quicker and with less drama. So I'm stocking up on these 100% natural cotton canvas, hand screen-printed Gold Foil storage bins in every size for my entryway. I'll have one of these for shoes, mittens, hats, keys...basically anything we usually spend 10 minutes we don't have searching for. I swear, this is the year I'm going to get to dropoff -- I mean everywhere -- on time!

Kaity Velez, Co-founder

Editor's Pick: Alphabet Drum

One thing I forgot about newborns is the amount of time you spend at the changing table in those first few weeks! The Alphabet Drum is not only perfect for storing all my diapering needs, it's also a bright addition to an area we originally didn't put much thought into. Especially since despite all the not-so-fun diaper action, the changing table has become an unexpected spot to get some coohs and smiles.

Charlene Petitjean-Barkulis, Managing Editor

Editor's Pick: Showers Blue Swaddle

A swaddle is my absolute must. It's the one thing that keeps my newborn from waking up every 30 minutes, so I don't think I'd have a decent night's sleep without one. This sweet Pehr blanket is the perfect combination of style and whimsy to sit pretty in your little one's nursery.

Marisa Zucker, Director of Sales & Partnerships

Editor's Pick: Grey Stripe Rug

I'm pretty obsessed with all of Pehr's new rugs, and the clean lines on this Grey Striped version are the perfect backdrop for playing cars on the floor with my son. No matter how many colorful toys get strewn about, this rug will lend a sophisticated minimal vibe to his nursery.

Jenny Greenstein, Fashion Editor

Editor's Pick: Blush Pom Pom Hamper

I'm loving Pehr's Blush Pom Pom Hamper because of its versatility to store laundry, toys, etc. From a design perspective, the pom poms give it a global feel and it doesn't read too cliche kid-like or nursery, but a bit more elevated.

Alexis Barad, Associate Editor

Editor's Pick: Painted Dots Sheet Set

This sheet set is perfect for my toddler as he transitions into a more "grown up" twin bed. He's not really into cars and trucks or traditional "boy" things, but I'm not so into his Disney characters on our bedding. I prefer understated palates (as long as I'm still "allowed" to make those decisions for my kids). The Painted Dots has a nice Pollack-esque artist thing going on, and a more neutral design that will totally go with his three-dozen or so loudly colored Disney toys and accessories.

Allaya Cooks-Campbell, Associate Editor

Editor's Pick: Little Lamb Mini

I love the Little Lamb Mini for my little girl's room, since she's getting to the age where we've got lots of little toys all over the place. The print is cute and classic, but minimalist enough to work in any spot in the nursery. It would also make such a sweet gift, especially when you add in Pehr's Chick and Bunny Minis!

Danielle Wilson, Events Director

Editor's Pick: Noah's Ark Twin Duvet Cover

Sometimes with two boys sharing a room, it naturally can feel like a jungle inside. The colorfully fun Noah Ark bedding set is a great pick for our 6-year-old son. Plus, when he feels like he's too cool, like his tween-aged brother, he can flip it over to the stripes on the back side.

Get ready for back to school with 25% OFF all Pehr Storage from August 25th through August 27th. Sign up for Pehr's newsletter for an additional discount!