Dear Mrs. P, 

Thank you doesn’t seem enough, doesn’t quite cut it. For all that you have done for my little boy as his class teacher, we have nothing but immense gratitude. The first year of school is always so important, isn’t it? Sending your child out into the world, trusting the school and its teachers to provide a safe and enriching environment. 

I still remember that first day of Reception, when I nervously stood by the school gate with my little boy’s hand in mine. I know that I was holding onto his hand tighter than he was to mine. It was in that anxious state that I heard your cheerful voice calling out his name and beckoning him into the classroom. 

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I was hesitant to let go—he, on the other hand, bounded in, excited to begin big school. I remember then you looked at me and smiled, and that smile was all the reassurance I needed to know that my baby would be safe with you. 

Being one of the youngest ones in his year, I was always worried about how he’d settle in socially and academically. Little did I know, I had nothing to worry about because you were always there—fully present, guiding him, nudging him and making him confident

I kept thinking aloud about how he would change from his uniform into his PE kit and also into his swimming trunks on swim days. Imagine my delight when he arrived one day and told me that Mrs P gave him a sticker for changing quickly. 

This past year, it has been fascinating to watch my son grow and develop in leaps and bounds. Reading, writing, mathematics. So many times he has surprised me with his knowledge and he proudly declares that he learned all of this at school. 

The other day, we had a packet of biscuits open and there were six biscuits in the packet. He told me with quiet confidence that his little brother, me and him would need to get two biscuits each for it to be fair. I was amazed because I didn’t know that he was already learning division at school. 

The same goes for when he picked out his favorite storybook, “The Gruffalo” to be precise, and started reading it to his younger brother whilst I was left spellbound in the background, observing this scene playing out in front of me.

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Very recently, he was pacifying his younger brother saying, “There, there darling. It’s OK. You will be fine.” Then, once his younger brother had calmed down a little bit, he went back to him to check if he was alright and asked, “Are you better now?” To see this empathetic behavior being reinforced at school by yourself has been very heartening to watch. 

“You must always tell the truth and help others,” he tells all of us at home. “Who told you that?” his father asked him the other day. “Mrs. P, Pappaaa” came the quick reply. For this, I remain grateful, as you have helped set the foundation to mold him into a kind boy.

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Thank you, Mrs. P, for encouraging my son’s curious mind. He tells me that he asks you many questions, which you seem to answer very patiently because he appears to be quite happy with this process. Thank you for the patience you show him and his peers. It is greatly appreciated.

My son has tremendous respect for you, and I am guilty of using it as a negotiating tactic for everyday things like brushing teeth, and so on. I hope one day I can explain this to him. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind (well, I hope!).

Mrs. P, I must tell you about a particular incident that will remain with me for the rest of my life. I have written it in the form of a short poem. I hope you enjoy reading it.

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“Mm-uh-mm”, “Dd-ae-dd”

The sounds roll off your tongue 

The resulting words seem foreign when pronounced like that

“I can connect them in my brain Mummy. Mrs. P showed me how,” you tell me excitedly 

I am equally excited for you to learn this skill that will educate you, yes, but more than that 

For it to lead you into the magical world of books

A world of your own where you choose what to experience through the beauty of words

So I sit beside you and watch you read

My heart swelling with pride 

Wondering how soon we got here”

So once again, thank you Mrs. P. Your love and support will remain with him for a long time to come.

Warm Regards, 

A Grateful Mummy 

This story was previously published on August 11, 2022. It has been updated.