Becoming brilliant: The 6 essential skills children need to become successful adults

4. Critical thinking. Yes, even a toddler can rock this skill, mama.

Becoming brilliant: The 6 essential skills children need to become successful adults

In the 1890s, William James of Harvard, the father of modern-day psychology, claimed that babies experience a world of “blooming, buzzing confusion.”   The narrative was not much different in 1946 when the famous pediatrician Dr. Benjamin Spock thought that there was little going on in the mind of a young baby.

Boy, have things changed.

In the last 40 years, we have discovered that babies are expert pattern-seekers who are making real sense out of the sounds they hear and the sights they see.  Babies—even two-day-olds—seem quite aware that a mother’s voice is different from a stranger’s and can even tell when they are hearing a language that is not like their own.

They are aware that objects cannot magically pierce a table but will stop falling when they hit something solid.

And by the beginning of the first year, they not only produce their first words, but they are starting to understand that objects like tables don’t move on their own.  They already sense that Harry Potter’s world is impossible and people don’t just fly through walls or enter stations at platform 9 and 3/4.

Our babies and toddlers watch us, watch the world, and are learning constantly.

Our new book, Becoming Brilliant: What Science Tells us About Raising Successful Children, celebrates what babies and toddlers learn and uses this as a basis to rethink what it means to be successful in a 21st Century global world.

It also gives us a chance to arrange our homes, communities, and classrooms in ways that will build these skills for success.

What have the babies and toddlers taught us?  That the skills for success rest in what we call the 6Cs – a suite of skills born from a multitude of studies in the science of learning.

Collaboration is the first “C” because forming relationships with others, working in teams, and being part of a community is a key foundation for all learning that will follow.

When we roll a ball back and forth on the floor (even if your 14-month-old seems to roll that ball backwards), you are building collaboration.  When you open your arms for a hug, read a book together, or clap hands to play patty-cake, you are collaborating.

And when together you navigate how to get the food from plate into mouth (instead of from table to floor), you are helping your child learn to control the impulse to just smoosh that food or to create a hamburger rain shower.

Communication is built on collaboration.  After all, you have to have someone to talk to if you are going to communicate.

And communication includes everything from making your wants known (pointing, jumping, or using your words) to listening when others are talking (a rare event in toddlerhood).

It includes mastering a language with rich vocabulary (whassat?) or even two languages with rich vocabularies.

Content is key and is built from collaboration and communication. Children do learn better when they read a book with a nurturing adult as part of a bedtime routine.

And they learn from popular and friendly “parasocial” characters which is why 3-year-olds learn to count from the Sesame Street’s character The Count.

But learning about stuff is not all there is—our babies and toddlers are natural explorers who also need to learn how to focus their attention and to flexibly move from one activity to another.

These are called executive function skills and babies and toddlers learn these when they sit quietly concentrating on a book or when they focus while building a high tower of blocks.  Even learning how to work with an adult while stirring the brownie mix is teaching attention and learning to learn skills.

Critical thinking is the way that we sift through mountains of content.  And yes, even our toddlers can do a bit of critical thinking.

We can ask, do you want to drink your milk in a cup or on a plate? Picking a plate would be pretty inefficient if you are really thirsty.  And our children know that.

Creative innovation happens when children start to put things together in new ways to make a toy out of blocks or cardboard, or use a plastic bowl as a hat.

And we can help them see the world in new ways by playing out these unusual scenarios. To a 14-month-old, using that bowl as a hat can be pretty hilarious!

Confidence is something we must help our children learn. When they approach the stairs, do we teach them never to go near the stairs, or to turn around backwards and to make sure they are with an adult.

Do we want them to color carefully, or are they allowed to make a bit of a mess as they explore how to use a crayon?  Those scribbles that have thick continuous lines are showing us a child who has the persistence or grit to keep going after the first marks get on the page.

The table below shows us that these skills are as relevant to our babies and toddlers as they are to us and our colleagues in the workplace.  Try it for yourself.

In collaboration, are you a person who likes to do thingstotally by yourself or do you like to build things together?  When your toddler is getting dressed, do you let the 2.5-year-old work with you to get those pants on or do you just take over?

And how about in critical thinking—do you weigh the evidence in favor of or against what you think, or are you a “seeing is believing” kind of person?

Knowing our own responses helps us see what we model for our children.

In one classic case in our house, my 3-year-old asked me if all vehicles had wheels.  “Well,” I quipped, “not all. Boats don’t have wheels.” He quickly ran upstairs to retrieve a Babar book in which the elephant king gave the monkey Zephir a new boat.  And guess what, he was rolling the boat to the lake on wheels. Our kids are pretty smart. ?

We can create environments that foster the 6Cs. The more opportunities our children get to practice these skills, the better they will be in mastering them. Our point in #BecomingBrilliant is that learning happens early and continues until we are at least 99.

It happens in school and out and it is about more than focusing squarely on counting and learning the alphabet.

Happy to say that this kind of learning is everywhere if we just open our eyes and change the lens on what we see.

Bonus: It does not cost anything because we can engage our learning muscles anywhere and at any time.  No need to spend money on those “educational toys” (though the box can be fun).

Just see the world a bit through your children’s eyes and talk with them about what you both see.

Let’s build a world worthy of our children and help them grow to be happy, healthy, caring, social, and thinking children today who will be collaborative, creative, critical thinkers, and responsible citizens of tomorrow.  Our babies are watching us. We can do this!

This article was co-written by Kathy Hirsh-Pasek and Roberta Michnick Golinkoff.

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    10 splurge-worthy items for your baby registry that are totally worth it

    These are perfect for a group of friends or family to split.

    One of the sweetest parts of a baby shower is gifting the mama-to-be with items that she probably would never splurge on herself. Maybe you're part of a group of friends or family who want to purchase a big-ticket surprise. Or, you want to spend a little extra on a gift you know she'll obsess over.

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    BOB Alterrain Jogging Stroller


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    Doona Infant Car Seat + Latch Base

    Doona infant car seat + latch base

    Doona is a car seat that transforms into a stroller in a matter of seconds. It's a thoughtful gift that will simplify mama's life without sacrificing on safety.


    SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet


    By combining gentle rocking with soothing white noise and snug, safe swaddling, SNOO creates a nearly fool-proof, safe sleep environment that parents (and babies!) swear by. Not only does it automatically respond to your baby's needs when it senses their fussing or crying, but it also helps teach little ones to self-soothe. It's the recipient of tons of awards and countless accolades from families who say it's actually changed their lives. That might sound like an overstatement, but when it comes to sleep, a solid night of it is nothing short of life-changing.

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    7 best humidifiers to help baby (and you!) breathe easier

    From soothing illness to improving sleep it's a nursery must-have.

    Canopy x Lalo

    Throughout the year (but during the cooler months, especially), the dry air in our homes can make things tough for little bodies. Colds and congestion amplify and as any parent knows, listening to a tiny person struggle to breathe is too painful to bear. And living through a pandemic where every sniffle puts you into a tailspin, it's good to know a bit about all the tools you have at your disposal: like a baby humidifier for your nursery.

    Do babies need humidifiers?

    From mitigating eczema and battling respiratory illness to simply helping baby sleep better, a humidifier is registry must-have. Moist air can help improve upper respiratory discomforts as well as soothe sore throats while they get some much-needed rest. Not to mention, the added moisture also benefits their sensitive skin and provides a dreamy ambiance for sleep.

    What to look for in a humidifier

    While there are a variety of types on the market, humidifiers generally fall into two categories: warm mist and cool mist. Warm mist is often pointed to as quieter and cleaner than cool mist, but from a safety perspective, cool mist is preferred when it's going to be used around curious toddlers who could be burned by steam or hot water.

    Humidifiers can also be defined by the way the humidity is created. There are ultrasonic models which use high-frequency sound vibrations to transform water particles into a cool, hydrating mist and evaporative models which leverage fans to do the job. Again, both styles have their place, but know that ultrasonic humidifiers are generally filter-less, quiet and efficient but do come with a higher price tag. Also, without a filter, families with hard water often bemoan fine white dust on furniture and surfaces which is caused by the minerals being dispersed along with the mist. It's harmless but annoying. Evaporative machines pull water through a water-saturated filter that removes those impurities as it runs. Their drawback, however, is the energy they require to work along with being markedly noisier.

    But no matter what kind of humidifier for baby you decide on, the care of the unit is most important. Keeping your humidifier clean is paramount as they can quickly become the stuff of nightmares. (If you've ever cut open a squirty bath toy, you know the moldy horror show that can live inside.) Most models require emptying daily along with regular cleanings and disinfection.

    We've rounded up the best baby humidifiers on the market today which are easy to clean and best suited for use in nurseries. (But if you want to use them in every room, no one's going to stop you!)

    Canopy x Lalo Humidifier + Aroma Diffuser

    Canopy X Lalo humidifier

    We love a good collab and could not be more thrilled about this one in particular. (I mean, how can you not be excited about "the world's cleanest humidifier" pairing up with one of the most stylish baby gear brands around?) The no-mist design puts out filtered, hydrated air to moisturize skin and soothe baby's breathing while the built-in diffuser fills the nursery with calming scents thanks to pure essential oil blends. Their proprietary technology which uses a paper-based filter and embedded UV lights make it the only anti-mold humidifier on the market—talk about breathing easier, right? Additionally, the unit is quite easy to clean and even dishwasher safe. (#Blessed)

    Reviewers say: "I've gone through many humidifiers and many diffusers. This is the best of both worlds. As a humidifier, it's SO easy to clean! That's the biggest pain in the butt to me. And it's QUIET! Oh so quiet. Then there's the added benefit of being a diffuser except you don't put the essential oil IN the water. You drip it on a stone that sits right on top of the air holes so there's no oil to clean up. This product is amazing. Truly." –John H.


    Crane Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier


    A favorite among parents, Crane's entire collection of humidifiers is a top choice in nurseries and throughout the house. The classic Drop is available in a variety of fun colors as well as some adorable animal shapes that marry function and style. Powered by ultrasonic technology, their cool-mist humidifier is whisper-quiet (since it doesn't depend on a fan to get the job done) and filter-free, giving you one less thing to think about. (They do offer an optional demineralization filter if your water is too harsh.) The one-gallon tank allows it to run for over 24 hours in a room up to 500 square feet and is easy to adjust via a knob on the front. Auto-shutoff has your back when the tank runs out and the award-winning design's mist lid allows you to send the mist in any direction.

    Worried about cleaning? Don't be. The detachable bottom fill tank is made with clean control anti-microbial material, reducing mold and bacteria growth by up to 99.96%. Daily emptying and once-a-week disinfecting with basic white vinegar keeps it in tip-top shape!

    The only complaint is the nightlight which does not shut off or adjust. If your little one needs a super dark environment you can always wrap it with one of the six dozen burp cloths you have lying around!

    Reviewers say: "I bought my first crane drop humidifier when I was pregnant with my first child. I couldn't have made a better choice! 6 years later I still have the original & its still working great. Since then, I have bought 2 more in different colors and one replacement tank (I dropped it in the tub after filling it & it cracked). The tank is just the right size to last all night...even on the highest setting...but not so heavy that I can't fill it myself. The motor is quiet....quiet enough not to wake a newborn. I really love this product. I don't think there is a better basic humidifier out there."–Hol709


    Fridababy 3-in-1 Humidifier


    How much do we love all things Frida? Since launching with the Nose Frida almost a decade ago, they've created an impressive portfolio of mom and baby products that solve some of the most intimate (and sometimes gross) parenting problems—including the 3-in-1 humidifier. With a design that functions as a nightlight and diffuser in addition to its prowess as a humidifier, it uses the power of ultrasonic vibration to keep babies comfortable in spaces up to 320 square feet. For parents who don't have the space or just hesitate to take up real estate with a giant hissing machine, this one is more compact than most (and almost totally silent!) The unit will run for 12 hours with an auto-shutoff when the tank is empty and a mist adjuster to customize output. The nightlight offers a range of soothing colors and the ability to turn it off altogether while the diffuser feature allows you to add the brand's vapor drops or any aromatherapy-grade essential oils. Next stop, Dreamland!

    Reviewers say: "Fridababy always comes up with the most creative and useful products. The 3-in-1 humidifier, diffuser, nightlight is no exception. I love that I only need to use one appliance as my humidifier, diffuser and nightlight. It runs quietly, it's easy to clean, the diffuser works great and it's competitively priced. This will be my go-to baby shower gift.
    It's an absolutely phenomenal product!"–Nowienono


    Vicks Filter-Free Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

    Vicks Filter-Free Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

    With no filter to replace and a powerful 1.2-gallon tank that can run for 30 hours, this hassle-free humidifier can soothe the entire family—not just baby! It's great for year-round moisturizing but really shines during cold and flu seasons with the addition of Vicks' VapoPads which fill the air with congestion-relieving magic. The wide tank opening and lack of nooks and crannies make it a cinch to clean which is also a huge plus in our book. ​

    Reviewers say: "We got this for our baby who was sick with a stuffy nose. Previous Starlight one was very hard to keep clean and filled the room with a white fog. This one doesn't do that. You can see the mist coming out and helped with the stuffy nose and the dryness from running the heater during cold months. It's not as loud as I expected based on other reviews. Almost soothing. My 3-year-old kept turning it on without us knowing and it would run all day. The tank does last a few days when ran continuously. Of the 4 different ones we've owned this is my favorite. Filter-free makes cleaning a breeze."–Brittany


    Miro NR07G Humidifier


    Yes, it's one of the priciest on the list, but fans of the Miro say it's worth every penny. Created by a dad who felt that traditional humidifiers get too dirty, putting tiny lungs at risk, it's the only humidifier on the market that allows you to easily wash every square inch—a modern design that's as practical as it is stylish. The one-gallon tank can be filled via the open-top without having to stop the machine and can run for up to 24 hours at the lowest setting. It's also super quiet, equipped with an auto-shutoff and filter-free.

    Reviewers say: "I am in love with these humidifiers! Yes, mama, you need them for peace of mind for your family. Every other humidifier I have tried has been impossible to fully clean, but this one is completely cleanable. No more icky humidifiers here! It's super quiet and it actually uses less water than my previous ones, so a gallon of distilled water can humidify a small to medium-sized bedroom during sleeping hours for 2-4 days before needing to be refilled. 🙌🏻 I recommend using distilled water as it reduces cleaning frequency. I clean ours weekly, but it never looks like it needs it.
    I know it can be pricey for most families, but consider it an investment in your family's health. Anytime me or my kids have been congested or coughing, it's cleared up after just 1-2 nights of running the humidifier. It will pay for itself; because it's completely cleanable, it lasts longer, you won't be replacing it any time soon."–Southside Mommy


    Honeywell Easy to Care Cool Mist Humidifier HCM-710

    Honeywell Easy to Care Cool Mist Humidifier HCM-710

    ​As Amazon's choice for easy to clean humidifiers, Honeywell checks all the boxes with their Cool Mist Humidifier. While filter-less styles are generally easier, this one more than makes up for it (and not just because the Wicking Filters inhibit up to 99.99 percent of mold growth!) The large tank allows it to run for up to 36 hours, and with only a couple of pieces to deal with, it truly is a breeze to clean. The open-top design can be filled without having to do anything but pour.

    Reviewers say: "We bought this for our infant's room because other expensive humidifiers we had bought would usually die within a year do to the hard mineral content in our water. This humidifier is simple and works. We replace the wick every few months to remove the accumulated sediment. AND the best thing about this humidifier is the noise. When on high, it produces a smooth, consistent fan noise that has been the perfect white noise we needed for our son's room. If you don't want white, fan noise, don't get this, if you are looking for a humidifier that works and produces white noise, this is a great buy." K. Shorner-Johnson


    We independently select and share the products we love—and may receive a commission if you choose to buy. You've got this.


    Sometimes stories go viral because they make us smile, and sometimes they go viral because they make us think.

    This week, a lot of the stories trending online have mamas talking about topics that are top of mind as Americans head to the polls.

    From a dad giving birth to a Kamala Harris costume, these are the stories mamas are talking about this week:

    These photos from a trans father’s home birth are stunning 😍

    The moment a new baby enters the world changes everything for the adults and siblings who have spent nine months waiting to meet their little one. It's a beautiful, emotional moment that many families are choosing to document with birth photography.

    During his fourth pregnancy, one transgender father decided to hire a photographer to capture the home birth of his son, Tig. Yuval Topper-Erez intended the keep the photos private, as a beautiful memento of the moment Tig joined their family, but recently decided to share that moment with the world.

    "When I saw the photos I suddenly got the sense that they need to be out there, as they represent so well two causes very close to my heart: normalization of home birth and normalization of trans and non binary people giving birth," wrote Topper-Erez, in a touching Facebook post.

    Tig was born in May 2019 in northern England after a "very rapid and intense labor." Two midwives, including Topper-Erez's partner, and the birth photographer were on hand for the experience.

    "I hope, among other things, that this album will inspire birth workers and future seahorse dads (AKA gestational fathers,)" wrote Topper-Erez. "I know how meaningful images like this could have been for me before my first pregnancy and how meaningful it is for me to see images of fellow birthing trans and non binary people to this day."

    Tig has two older siblings who slept through his home birth. "Our two older children were invited to join us for the birth but chose not to wake up and came to meet the new baby shortly after the birth was over," wrote Topper-Erez.

    "I love when inspirational people share their births with the world and hoped that I could be that person for others," Topper-Erez told Romper. "Specifically, other trans people who have often been told that they could not be parents. I also was hoping my photos would start conversations among birth workers about the variety of birthing people and bodies."

    Every family's birth experience is different. Whether it's at home or in a hospital, medicated or not, a simple or a complicated delivery—it's worth remembering that there's no one "right" way for a child to enter the world.

    Why Pete Buttigieg's 'late-term abortion' comments are going viral

    Pete Buttigieg is no longer on the campaign trail, but he is all over social media this week because checkmark users like Busy Phillips are sharing the way he shut down some misinformation about abortion.

    Way back in May 2019, when Buttigieg was a running for the Democratic presidential nomination, he was asked during a Fox News town hall hosted by by Chris Wallace whether there should be a limit on a pregnant person's ability to access abortion.

    Buttigieg's response was incredibly thoughtful and reflected the painful experiences of a small percentage of mothers who seek abortions later in pregnancy. "I think the dialogue has gotten so caught up on where you draw the line that we've gotten away from the fundamental question of who gets to draw the line and I trust women to draw the line when it's their own health," Buttigieg responded.

    "Let's put ourselves in the shoes of a woman in that situation," Buttigieg said. "If it's that late in your pregnancy, then almost by definition, you've been expecting to carry it to term...[Families then] get the most devastating medical news of their lifetime, something about the health or the life of the mother or viability of the pregnancy that forces them to make an impossible, unthinkable choice."

    According to Buttigieg, "The bottom line is, as horrible as that choice is...that decision is not going to be made any better, medically or morally, because the government is dictating how that decision should be made."

    According to the CDC, 91% of abortions in America happen at or before 13 weeks gestation, and only 1.3% of abortions happen at or beyond 21 weeks of gestation. Abortion is a divisive topic, but it is one that America is talking about right now and we can't ignore the facts during the discussion.

    That's why Buttigieg's comments have resurfaced and are going viral. This is a topic where nuance and continued discussion is important.

    This 11-year-old dressed up like Kamala Harris + the internet loves it

    When kids see people who look like them in positions of power they are able to imagine themselves in that spot, and 11-year-old Celeste Harley is proving it.

    A video of the tween dressed up as vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris is going viral. In the clip her mom tweeted, Celeste says: "When I become vice president, I want to help all the American people. I want to deliver health care for all, equality and justice under the law."

    "I had to laugh," Celeste's mom, Erinn Harley, told ABC News. "Because I thought, 'Wow, she really has been studying Kamala Harris very closely, she even had that wave.'"

    Harris is the first Black woman and the first woman of South Asian descent to be on a presidential campaign ticket. Whether or not you plan to vote for her, her presence in this election season matters a lot. Kids like Celeste prove it.

    [Editor's note: Motherly is committed to covering all relevant presidential candidate plans as we approach the 2020 election. We are making efforts to get information from all candidates. Motherly does not endorse any political party or candidate. We stand with and for mothers and advocate for solutions that will reduce maternal stress and benefit women, families and the country.]

    Pink's husband Carey Hart posts photos of daughter's gun lesson, explains why he's a Republican but voting for Biden 

    Pink's husband Carey Hart has always been pretty open about his love of fire arms and how he's teaching the couple's kids, 9-year-old Willow and 3-year-old Jameson about responsible gun ownership.

    Recently Hart posted a series of photos to his Instagram showing daughter Willow's gun lesson. In his caption he explained that he is "a firm believer in teaching [his] kids to shoot, but more importantly, handle a fire arm."

    Hart's comment section and Twitter replies were full of hot takes, but none attracted more attention than his own. When a Twitter user said they were confused as to why Hart would "would support the democrats who have stated they will take our guns Unless only the rich will be allowed the privilage [sic]," Hart explained his political views.

    "1st they don't want to take your guns, and why has none of the 44 before been able to take them??" Hart responded. "Second I'm a republican who hates Trump, so I have no choice."

    Hart's parenting has always attracted attention online. Hopefully this latest controversy will get people to the polls (no matter who they plan to vote for).

    [Editor's note: Motherly is committed to covering all relevant presidential candidate plans as we approach the 2020 election. We are making efforts to get information from all candidates. Motherly does not endorse any political party or candidate. We stand with and for mothers and advocate for solutions that will reduce maternal stress and benefit women, families and the country.]

    Why this mom wants parents to stop saying 'our kids have lost so much' during the pandemic 

    Mom and nurse Jesse Brunette is going viral this week after posting a Facebook message on Monday stating that she is over the phrase "our kids have already lost so much" being used in conversations about the pandemic.

    As of this writing the post has more than 45,000 likes and thousands of comments. Brunette suggests parents need to frame the pandemic not as a loss, but as an opportunity for families.

    She writes: "Using a current issue as an example, are kids really going to 'suffer' of they don't trick or treat? No. Only if WE (the adults) model a 'loss' mindset. What if, instead, families looked at it as a way to plan a really fun evening? Maybe doing a family art project, bobbing for apples in mixing bowls, packaging up sweet treats to door drop for neighbors, creating a spooky themed meal together."

    Brunette's mindset shift may work for some families, especially those who are privileged enough to have not lost a friend or family member to COVID-19, and whose social lives and incomes have not been lost. It's hard to feel like you're learning or like the pandemic is an opportunity for growth when you're in that situation.

    If you feel like this is a moment of loss for you, mama, that's okay. It's okay to feel that way.

    If you feel like this is an opportunity to lean into a growth mindset, that's okay, too.

    We're all experiencing this pandemic differently, and Brunette's viral post is a reminder of that.

    The viral tantrum-ending trick parents are raving about: Popsicle showers

    @i_marta via Twenty20

    Parents of the internet are going wild this week for a new life hack that some say is practically guaranteed to tame a toddler tantrum.

    Have you heard of popsicle showers, mama? 'Cause parents are swearing by them.

    As first reported by CafeMom, the hack is simple: If your kiddo is feeling some big things, give them a popsicle and guide them to the bathroom for a tub or shower. Once they're in the warm water, holding onto a cool treat, they calm down.

    The hack first went viral on Reddit, where one parent recently posted to r/Parenting, thanking the original poster for introducing the hack.

    The post reads: "Parent of a 3 year 3 month old boy. Saw someone on here a few weeks ago post a thank you for an advice they saw awhile ago about putting their child into the bath/shower with a popsicle when they could not calm them down.

    Thank you.

    My son was having a horrible uncontrollable meltdown. He was yelling, throwing stuff, crying, running in and out the house, running in his room to cry..which turned into a scream. The wife tried to rock him and he was not having it. 30 mins go by and I remember this advice so I ran a warm bubble bath, grabbed a sugar free popsicle (that was all we had) and invited him into the bathtub with a popsicle as a lure. He cried as he took his [clothes] off and as soon as his toe touched the water, while holding his popsicle he stopped...

    He sat in the tub eating his popsicle quietly.. and when he was done he was smiling and playing in the tub and still is as I write this. So again. Thank you."

    So the next time you have trouble with a tantrum remember this recipe: Cool treat + warm water = calm kiddo.