Billie Lourd honors late mom Carrie Fisher by dressing her son as Princess Leia

It's Star Wars Day and Billie Lourd's baby is here for it.

Billie Lourd/Instagram

May the Fourth be with you and all the rest of the Star Wars fandom on this namesake holiday! And what better way to celebrate than looking at Princess Leia's actual real-life grandchild honor her iconic role? Carrie Fisher's daughter, Billie Lourd, shared the sweetest photos of her son, Kingston, watching his galactic galaxy princess grandma in action.

Last fall, Lourd and her fiancé Austen Rydell welcomed their son Kingston Fisher Lourd Rydell. And today, the 8-month-old is rocking some serious Star Wars swag.

"May the 4th," his mother captioned the photo, using the same emoji-style font Carrie Fisher was known for using on Instagram when she was still alive.

In the first photo Lourd shared, little Kingston is wearing a knit hat inspired by the Princess Leia cinnamon bun hairstyle while he's watching his grandma as Princess Leia on the computer. Extremely meta and extremely sweet. Not only does his name honor his grandma, but his wardrobe does too!

"I was very touched Billie chose to honor her mother by naming her son Kingston Fisher. It was very unexpected," Todd Fisher, Billie's uncle, told E! News at the time of Kingston's birth. "Billie has been known as Billie Lourd her whole life. It is a very loving thing to give that homage back to Carrie."

In the second photo, we get to see Kingston's onesie, also a perfect addition to his Star Wars Day look.

billie-lourd-baby-princess-leia-onesie Billie Lourd/Instagram

This isn't Kingston's first foray into Star Wars cosplay. When Lourd announced his birth, she shared a photo of his tiny little feet encompassed by a starry sky sleeper. How perfect is that?

Carrie Fisher died unexpectedly in December 2016 at age 60. When Lourd became pregnant, she didn't publicly announce the pregnancy until after little Kingston arrived—she says that was one perk of being a pregnant celebrity in quarantine.

"Only my family knew and nobody else knew," she told PEOPLE, "like everyone was so surprised when we posted that little picture of his feet. It got to just be something I shared with the people I loved the most, which was so incredible and made my pregnancy so magical and wonderful, which I did not expect it was going to be."

Well, count us lucky that she's sharing these sweet, sentimental photos with all of us today. May the Fourth be with you, little Kingston!

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