Kelly Osbourne‘s son, Sidney, who she shares with her Slipknot musician boyfriend Sid Wilson, is now 15 months old. After more than a year of motherhood, Osbourne chatted with Entertainment Tonight at Dolly Parton’s Pet Gala event in Nashville about how it’s been for her — and she was gushing about how things have changed, but she’s loved every minute of it so far.

“Mom life is the absolute best,” she told the outlet. “There was no adjustment period for me because I love it all. The good, the bad, the ugly, I take it all. It’s so much fun.”

Osbourne continued, “It’s given me a purpose in life like nothing ever has. Just getting to watch my little man grow and seeing him become a little person is just, like, it’s gonna make me cry if I keep talking about it.”

As Sidney is getting older, Osbourne explained how she’s getting to discover his personality coming out and learn his likes and dislikes.

“His favorite food is cheese. He loves all kinds of cheese and he’ll sometimes eat so much cheese that he smells of cheese,” she joked.

Been there.

Last month, Osbourne shared some photos on Instagram from the Pet Gala event, which she actually took Sidney to with her. In the photos, she’s hanging out with Dolly Parton herself, who is cuddling the little one on her lap. What a lucky kid.

“Oh my God, I have died and gone to Dollywood!!!!!!!” Osbourne wrote in the caption, like pretty much any of us Dolly stans would have if given the opportunity to meet her (kid in tow). “Here is a little preview of our day with @dollyparton and about 100 dogs. It was literal heaven.”

She also wrote a sweet note to Dolly: “It was such an honor to be asked by Dolly to be a part of such a wonderful Gala. Thank you again, Miss Dolly, we had the absolute best time!!!! More pictures to come. #Dollyspetgala.”

Looks like Osbourne is settling into mom life just fine — and with famous friends like Dolly Parton, little Sidney is going to have one exciting life.