This video showcasing the anatomy of a C-section has gone viral—and with good reason.

It’s a stack of felt, crafted into a handmade demonstration of what happens during a C-section birth. And it is nothing short of incredible!

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We caught up with the creator, Jesse Franks, a blogger of VBAC or bust, International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN) advocate and mom of three. She has been shocked and humbled by the feedback the project has received.

“People have said that they are thankful it exists, that the actual surgical videos have been too gory for them to watch. One mom said that it was the first time she smiled while imagining her child’s birth. (That one made me teary eyed!)”

Originally inspired by a childbirth education tool she came across years ago, Jesse wanted to make her own version to help with her ICAN advocacy journey. “How better to explain the seriousness of Cesareans than something you can touch? To be able to look at and touch all those layers,” shared Franks.

We love how Jesse created a tactile, accessible tool to help spread awareness and educate mothers about how so many of our babies enter this world. Diana Spalding, a midwife, elaborates on the impact these kind of tools can have: “Birth education is such an important and empowering part of the pregnancy journey. ALL women deserve to have access to information about their birth, regardless of how their baby will be coming into the world.”

Because regardless of how we meet our babies—all mothers are strong. And our awe-inspiring bodies are worth celebrating.

A version of this post was originally published March 6, 2019. It has been updated.