A woman in Brazil, Cleidiane Santos dos Santos, recently welcomed a new addition to the family–a sweet, 16-pound baby boy.

PEOPLE reports that the 27-year-old mother spoke to a Portuguese outlet by the name of “O Globo,” and said that she, “didn’t expect this surprise.”

“I thought it would be four kilos, but he came to seven kilos,” the mother of six told the outlet.

According to the Portuguese newspaper, Baby Angerson was born via c-section on January 18 at Hospital Padre Colombo in Parintins, weighing 7.328 kilograms, which comes at just about 16.1 lbs.

The American Pregnancy Association states that “Most babies who are born full-term weigh between 6-9 lbs.” A newborn’s weight can be affected by many factors including the mother’s health and nutrition, as well as, the baby’s gender. But, they also note that baby’s born outside of the average weight medium can still be healthy babies.

The hospital where Baby Angerson was born posted pictures of him on their social media, cheekily referring to him as “bebê gigante.” The Portuguese outlet also reported that he is the largest baby born in the state.

According to the Guiness World Records, the heaviest newborn baby to survive infancy was born September 1955 in Italy and weighed 22 lbs. and 8 oz.

Baby Angerson is reportedly being monitored in the NICU. He has started breastfeeding and is otherwise a healthy newborn.

The Brazilian mother made a point to thank the hospital staff, saying, “I want to thank the team at the Padre Colombo Hospital, who are giving me strength and treating me very well, since when I got here, if it weren’t for them, I don’t know what would become of me. I appreciate each one.”