A working mom updated her résumé to reflect her accomplishments while parenting three young kids and her empowering message is going viral.

“I recently updated my resume to include my achievements in the last year and last line read,” wrote Megan Drye Harper, “I achieved all of this while homeschooling a Kindergartener, keeping a 3 year old entertained and nursing a baby between Zoom calls in my NYC apartment. Now, as we head back into a normal existence with childcare, imagine what I can do for your company in 2021.”


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Moms are masters of multi-tasking. We have to be—our families depend on us.

When the pandemic began, the mental load of motherhood exploded. We took on the brunt of virtual education and childcare as schools and daycares closed practically overnight. One study found 80% of working mothers said they were responsible for kids’ remote learning, compared to 31% of working fathers.

We have spent the past year being responsible for full-time education, full-time childcare and our full-time jobs.

We know how to get things done.

Harper shared her post on Instagram, explaining, “I’m in basically every mom tech/start-up Facebook group that exists. Someone asked the other day if they should tell the potential employer they’re interviewing with that they’re a mom.”

“Being a mom is a strength in the workplace not a weakness!” she concluded.

We agree—and so do moms around the world.

“I love these resume additions,” commented one mom. “Big fan of always talking about my children too, test that culture early “

“100%!! Multitasking like nobody’s business!! There is not college course for that ,” added another.

Another woman wrote, ” ❤️ I ll add every single mom I work with. Now Including myself. What a year!! We can do anything we propose! Anything!!!”

We don’t often give ourselves enough credit for the strength needed to raise our families during a pandemic. In case you need a reminder of how incredible you really are, mama, here it is.

Like Harper said, being a mom is a strength, not a weakness. And it’s about time we started including that on our résumé.