Mealtime can be one of the most stressful times for parents and kids, especially when there’s a picky eater in the house. Your little might get anxious about their food touching, requesting a completely new meal. Or, they might avoid the foods altogether, leaving you concerned about their nutrition. While helping your child develop healthy eating habits is the ultimate goal, you can also incorporate products that will make mealtime more fun for everyone involved.

How to help picky eaters

If your little one is picky, don’t panic! It’s a common phase, and like most kid phases, it will pass. According to occupational therapist Ashely Thurn, “Find peace just in the fact that picky eating is a normal phase that toddlers go through. A nurturing and accepting caregiver is the key to helping them pass through this phase so that it doesn’t snowball into a bigger problem.” That’s you! You’re nurturing! You’re accepting! (You’re probably also frustrated and kind of grumpy about it sometimes, but that’s totally fair too.)

We’ve rounded up a collection of products that can help make mealtimes with picky eaters a little less stressful, and possibly even less picky over time. As a parent, you have to find the balance of picking your battles, and if serving food in a divided toddler plate means they’ll eat happily, so be it. Of course, if you’re concerned their pickiness is a sign of something beyond typical toddler behavior, definitely bring it up with your pediatrician.

Here are our favorite products that help picky eaters be a little more agreeable and a bit more adventurous as well! bowl + straw

Bowl + Straw


Even picky eating toddlers appreciate flexing the “do it myself” muscles–and this innovative 3-in-1 bowl let’s them do that with ease. From the easy-grab handles and tear-drop shape to the optional silicone straw and snack top, every aspect is designed with little eaters in mind. They can use it to slurp up soup or smoothies, as an on-the-go snack container or simply as a traditional bowl for things like pasta and fruit.

Vicuna Animal Food Picks


Animal Food Picks


We’re not sure why, but eating foods with little toothpicks is just more fun. These adorable reusable animal picks are meant for bento boxes, but we love them for snack time! Cheese chunks, chopped veggies and fruit, or even larger pasta shapes are easy to pick up. Of course they’re a bit pokey, so best suited for slightly older kiddos. mini fork for kids and toddlers

Mini Travel Flork


Similarly, these cute little “florks” aka flower forks deliver soft foods like fruits and cheeses in a fun way. They’re easy for little hands to hold and won’t poke them if they get a little overzealous with the delivery.

Noshi Edible Food Paint


Peppa Pig Food Paint 3-Pack


This might look messy, but stay with us. If you’re struggling to keep your little one at the table or looking to make them a little more adventurous in trying new foods, Noshi Edible Food Paint will be your jam. (Pun intended.) These organic fruit purees (strawberry, blueberry, and peach) are packaged to look like paint and invite kids to explore and be creative at mealtime. Let them doodle on pancakes, waffles, or toast and earn yourself fun mom status.

Fred & Friends DINNER WINNER Kids' Dinner Tray

Fred & Friends

DINNER WINNER Kids' Dinner Tray


Make mealtime fun with this board game-inspired plate. Instead of fussing about certain foods, kids will be enticed to eat what’s in each section to make it to the end. We love the small sections that separate foods and allow your little to try small bites at a time.

Constructive Eating Plate and Utensils

Constructive Eating

Plate and Utensils


Yes, we know we shouldn’t encourage playing with your food, but kids have been making mountains out of mashed potatoes since forever. This construction themed set can actually help develop important fine motor skills as they push, scoop and slide their food around the plate and into their mouths. (Hopefully.) It’s dishwasher and microwave safe and even comes in garden and dino themes if that’s more their style.

Colorful Sandwich Cutter Shapes


Sandwich Cutter Set


Use these cutters to make fun designs with soft foods, like sandwiches and pancakes. Kids will be entertained by the fun shapes and can even help cut their foods.

GoBe Kids Original Snack Spinner

GoBe Kids

Original Snack Spinner


Toddlers are the OGs of “girl dinner.” Give them a collection of high quality bites and they’re generally pretty stoked. The only way it’s more fun? Serve it in this clever snack roulette spinner! Each of the five sections is perfectly portioned for tiny tummies and with a press of the button, it rotates to their snack of choice. It’s great for travel and easy to clean as well!

Savoychef Sandwich cutter


Sandwich Cutter 3-Pack


Who needs Uncrustables when you can make a healthier version with the right tools at home? These clever sandwich makers cut the crusts off their PB&Js and into cute shapes that are sealed at the edges. The set includes a heart, star and mouse for a Disney-inspired lunch!

Plum Garden 4 pcs kid chopsticks

Plum Garden

Training Chopsticks


Swap the traditional utensils for these fun training chopsticks. Designed to help kids grab food easily, the animal topper holds both sticks together while the loops place their fingers correctly to guide them as they develop their fine motor skills. They’ll love trying to pick up as much food as possible with these. Added bonus: Remove the topper and loops to try without extra help—it doubles as a chopsticks rest.

Piccalio Mini Chef Helper


Mini Chef Convertible Learning Tower


A great way to encourage healthy eating habits is to get your little involved in cooking or meal prep. They won’t be surprised at what is on their plate at dinner and can become familiar with different textures. This learning tower brings them to a counter height and is durable, allowing them to safely help you. Even better, when they’re ready to eat the snack they helped prepare, this style converts into a kid-sized table and bench!

Zoku Dino Pop Molds


Dino Pop Molds


Few foods are as universally loved as popsicles. And despite their reputation as a sweet treat, the truth is, if you’re making them yourself they can be pretty healthy! From yogurt to purees that even slip in a few veggies, popsicles can be a great way to get hesitant eaters to slurp away. Of course there are tons of popsicle molds out there, but we’re big fans of Zoku’s Dino mold. Like the classic it makes six popsicles, but at just 1.5 ounces, they’re the perfect size for toddlers. The entire unit is made from silicone which makes extracting the popsicles super easy and although it’s not dishwasher safe (sorry!) it is easy to clean–especially if you’ve got a bottle brush on hand. And bonus! You don’t have to limit yourself to popsicles. This one can double as a candy mold with melted chocolate or whatever confections you can dream up.