I used to think it was just my kid who left her clothing scattered all over creation. “Do you have your coat/sweatshirt/sweater?” is a question I ask even in sub-zero temps as she wanders to the car notably without the gear she arrived at school wearing. But at the end of last school year when we returned to retrieve her things, the mound of lost-and-found clothing was taller than the majority of graduating fifth graders.

I plucked from it no fewer than five pieces of her wardrobe, a couple of which I hadn’t even realized were missing. I love the kid to pieces but honestly? This drives me bonkers.

help get things returned, but you know what’s the best insurance for keeping track of things? Not losing them in the first place. Sounds easier said than done, but I think I’ve found one brand every kid will hold onto. Cubcoats.

Let me explain.

What’s better than a cozy hoodie? A hoodie that turns into a loveable, snuggle-worthy pal. The brilliant two-in-one basics from Cubcoats are designed to tuck into themselves, transforming ordinary clothes into toys that are perfect for playtime, naptime and even road-tripping. (Not only are too cool to leave behind, but they also make a comfy travel pillow!) Created by two kids at heart, Zac Park and Spencer Markel, the super-fun line was not-so-surprisingly inspired by the Transformers and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers they loved in childhood. Their adorable characters like Dayo the Dinosaur, Uki the Unicorn and Pimm the Puppy double as everything from jackets to T-shirts and while there’s no guarantee they’ll always make it home from school, chances are a bit better than your standard zip-up, right?

Some of our favorites from Cubcoats are on sale right now! But they’re going fast, so scoop them up before they’re gone!