From their vibrant and colorful designs to kids’ pajamas that seem to fit for ages, Hanna Andersson’s kidswear has been known and loved for over 40 years. After perfecting the organic cotton styles, they’ve just released their first ever line of kids activewear and we’re already completely smitten.

The 30-piece Active by Hanna Andersson collection isn’t just a scaled-down version of adult activewear. Instead, the play-ready designs are constructed with the way kids really run, jump, climb and–let’s be honest–roll around in mind. According to Hanna Andersson Chief Product Officer, Kara Carter, it’s a natural extension of the brand.

“We’re a brand all about play and childhood and movement. So it just felt like this easy, natural extension of what we already do in our core business. We believe in letting kids be kids. So we wanted to infuse our design ethos around bright colors and bright patterns so that it really was fun for the kids to wear, too.” Cue no more arguing about getting dressed, thankyouverymuch.

What kind of pieces are in the Hanna Andersson activewear collection?

The collection introduces (and in some cases reintroduces) five core fabrics which are all lightweight and breathable with features like UV protection and sweat-wicking. 80% of the collection is made from recycled materials which have all been rigorously tested externally and internally by actual kids to be sure it fits their high-quality standards. In fact, Carter says developing the fabric alone took the team over two years.

Each style is available in sizes 2-12 and, because it’s Hanna Andersson, the collection is perfectly designed to mix-and-match. They’ve launched with a variety of bright and pastel hues as well as some fun florals, stars and camo-inspired patterns. Styles include leggings, shorts, dresses, tees, tanks and more! From gymnastics class to soccer practice, recess to recharging, they’ll want to live in these pieces 24/7. And we can’t blame them!

Check out some of the Hanna Andersson activewear pieces we’re already stocking up on below.

Hanna Andersson activewear

Hanna Andersson Active MadeToStretch Leggings

Hanna Andersson


Active MadeToStretch Leggings

These durable leggings are bound to become an everyday staple. The super stretchy fabric wicks moisture and protects them from the sun as well. A handy hip pocket holds whatever playground treasures they unearth and smooth flatlock seams prevent the dreaded complaints of itchiness!

Hanna Andersson Active MadeForSun Hoodie

Hanna Andersson


Active MadeForSun Hoodie

An all-season essential that’s as soft as it is versatile. Layer it in winter, or throw it on at the beach in summer. The UVA/UVB blocking fabric keeps them safe in the sun while the breathability helps them stay comfortable no matter the temps.

Hanna Andersson Active MadeToCool Basketball Shorts

Hanna Andersson


Active MadeToCool Basketball Shorts

Available in four easy-to-match colors, these are perfect for shooting hoops but can also be depended on for scooter races, slide conquering and bike rides.

Hanna Andersson Active MadeToLayer Bomber Jacket

Hanna Andersson


Active MadeToLayer Bomber Jacket

A personal favorite (for myself, not my children), the Bomber Jacket is one of the collection’s MadeToLayer styles. The breathable style features a soft mesh fabric on the inside and protects from the UVA/UVB rays as well.

Hanna Andersson Active MadeToBreathe Shorts

Hanna Andersson


Active MadeToBreathe Shorts

With a wide waistband that stays put and double-layer (but still breathable) construction, these shorts will keep up with every cartwheel, dance routine and foot race they take on.