Let’s face facts: kids are slow as tortoises when it comes to leaving the house. If shoelaces serve as a major roadblock to your get-out-the-door-in-one-piece routine, look no further than the kids slip on shoes we’ve found below.

Whether you’re the one tying shoelaces, or your child has just mastered the act themselves (but paint dries faster), or they’re simply not interested yet (everyone learns at their own pace, after all), kids shoes that easily slip on make what can be a potentially chaotic act of simply leaving the house just a little bit easier. We also love the idea of putting on slip-on shoes because it’s an act your child can do on their own without a parent or caregiver’s help. A little independence goes a long way, especially if your child is in the midst of their “I can do it myself! ” phase.

Now, if the reason you’re waiting on your toddler is because they’re deciding what favorite stuffed animal to bring with them, sorry, but we can’t help you there.

Check out these adorable kids shoes and say hello to an easier time leaving the house:

Best Slip On Shoes For Kids

Nike Dynamo Go

Nike Dynamo Go

The latest release from Nike is designed to go from “zero to play in just two seconds.” Yes please. Dubbed the Dynamo Go, the futuristic-looking style features a collapsible heel which, rather than getting crushed and ruined as they stomp their way in, lets them slide right in. The overall design is soft, squishy yet still super supportive and available in both infant/toddler and kid sizes!

Merrell Big Kids Hut Moc



Big Kids Hut Moc

We’ve gotta admit–we’re just a smidge obsessed with this comfy moc from Merrell. They’re super duper light and pack plenty of tread and support for a day of hard play and made from some impressively sustainable materials. But best of all, if you’ve got one of those kids who manages to crush the heel of every shoe as they worm their way in these are a life-saver. The soft heel is made to be crushed! Just slide on in and off they go!

Keen Newport



Big Kids' Newport x Outdoor Afro

Without hesitation, I’m going to say the hard-wearing Keen Newport is the perfect summer shoe for kids. The sneaker/sandal hybrid has been around for ages because clearly, I’m not the only person who feels this way. They’re durable, comfortable and can traverse everything from city streets to rocky riverbeds without looking any worse for wear. They come in tons of colors for toddlers through adult, but we want to give special mention to this awesome collab with Outdoor Afro–an organization which celebrates and inspires Black connections and leadership in nature. With each purchase from the collection, 1% of proceeds will be donated to Outdoor Afro Making Waves to teach Black kids to swim and make the outdoors more accessible to all. (Shop little kid version here.)

lamo kids vita



Kids Vita

The So Cal-inspired kicks from LAMO are always comfy right out of the box. We’re extra fond of this easy-to-wear style which looks like a laced shoe but–surprise! It’s not. The collapsible heel can even fold down for ultimate slip-on status. (And it comes in adult sizes for twinning!)

Native Jefferson

Native The Jefferson

Native shoes are a popular brand for kids, not only because of how lightweight and easy to put on they are, but because of the wide range of colors to choose from. (There are literally dozens of colors, metallics, prints and even a brand new Disney collab!)  The classic Jefferson style is ubiquitous among the elementary set and makes perfect playground shoe as the sand shakes right out. Bonus: They’re easily hand-washable at home.

native Shoes the robbie

Native The Robbie

We love Native Shoes so much it’s hard to just pick one. So we won’t. The Robbie is similar in fit to the Jefferson with a retro-runner inspired silhouette and a chunkier, grippier sole that’s durable but also helps keep dirt out.

Even better, the style is crafted from their eco-friendly material, Sugarlite. Made from 40% bio-based content from sugarcane, it offers all the things we’ve come to know and love about the brand: lightweight, easy-to-clean and odor-resistant but with a greenhouse gas impact that is 22% lower than traditional EVA. They come in a rainbow of colors for toddlers through big kids and retail for $45-50 depending on the colorway.

Vans Classic Slip Ons

Vans Classic Slip-On

Vans are as classic a slip-on shoe as they come, and a brand that will frankly never go out of style. I also love that they come in a wide range of colors and themes, so you’re sure to find a look your kid will love. With elastic on the sides, these shoes make it easy for little hands to guide them onto their feet.

Rothy's Kids Sneaker

Rothy's The Kids Sneaker

Uber-popular Rothy’s are available in kids’ sizes, too! This eco-friendly brand is dedicated to sustainable fashion (shoes are made out of recycled single-use water bottles), and serve as the perfect way to introduce a conversation about being kind to the Earth with your kids. Also, they’re super comfortable, machine washable and come in an range of fun colors and designs. Win, win!

Toms Apargata


Toms built an entire brand around giving back, and we absolutely love that about them. Their comfortable-from-first-wear slip ons are the only shoes I could wear while pregnant, so naturally they’ve always been a staple in my kids’ wardrobes as well. They’re easy to put on, thanks especially to the tag on the heel and come in tons of different colors, patterns and fabrics across a handful of slip on styles. (Also, they always have the best collabs!)

Cat & jack rory slip on

Cat & Jack


Rory Slip-On

Target’s popular Cat and Jack brand is an affordable option for kids’ shoes that come in cute designs that won’t break the bank. With a hidden elastic component these shoes are easy to put on and comfy, thanks to the 100% cotton upper.



Another mainstay brand for kids, Crocs aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Super easy to put on, available in a wide range of colors (hello, tie dye!) and the ability to collect Jibbitz Shoe Charms for your Crocs is a major incentive for kids to put on their shoes promptly when it’s time to leave the house.

Inkkas Slip On


Inkkas shoes are handmade in Latin America, featuring textiles from around the world in their designs. I love that this company was founded on principles of fair trade and global philanthropy, and well, they’re just really cute. You can also tell your child that when you bought this pair of shoes, a tree was planted in their honor. Pretty neat.


Skechers Ultra Flex

The ever-popular Skechers has tons of slip-on styles to choose from, but one of our faves this season? The playground-ready Ultra Flex. The stretchy knit fabric is easy to pull on and stays breathable and cool throughout their adventures. They also offer a super supportive air-cooled memory foam insole to keep them comfortable.

cienta kids shoes


This European brand is a favorite of Duchess Kate , who puts Cientas on George, Charlotte and Louis. And now you can put them on your kids, too! This classic style goes with everything, and your toddler will feel such a sense of accomplishment when they are able to easily put these kids shoes on by themselves.

Hey Dude shoes


Heydude kids shoes come in a wide range of designs but comfort is really their key component: these kids shoes offer an ultra-lightweight outsole, are lined with a soft patterned cotton and come with memory foam insole. And oh yeah, they’re machine washable!

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