To my child, when I forget to feel lucky

My life could have gone in a hundred different directions. Instead, here am I, with you.

It always happens in the still of night.

I come in to check on you one more time before I settle myself into bed for the night. I brush the hair off your forehead, adjust the blanket that you’ve swirled around your legs, and kiss your soft, perfect little cheek—and it hits me with a force so hard it takes my breath away.

I am so lucky.

My life could have gone in a hundred different directions. Instead, here am I, getting to be your mom. You are my perfect. Everything about you is just as it should be, and I am overcome by love and gratitude.

But sometimes, I forget.

Sometimes in the morning, I forget. I hear your little feet running down the hallway into my room, and that sweet raspy little voice saying, “Mommy, the sun is up outside!”

I smile but my mind instantly starts racing to remember what’s on the schedule for the day. But then you climb into bed, all elbow and knees, and rest your little head on my chest for a few calm moments, and I remember—I am so lucky to have another day with you.

Sometimes over breakfast, I forget. You swing your legs under the table while you tell me a story that is a nonsensical combination of something you did on the playground and something you saw on Paw Patrol.

I half listen as I put together lunch boxes and find lost library books. But then you say, “Mommy, isn’t that so funny?” with your big toothless grin and your eyes shining bright, and I remember—I am so lucky to hear your stories.

Sometimes when we’re outside, I forget. You skip and sing in the front yard without a care in the world, while my brain is occupied with the stress of bills to pay, errands to run and phone calls to make. But then you say, “Okay I’ll be Elsa, and you be Anna and Sven and the Snow Monster—and Mommy, do the voices,” and I remember—I am so lucky to watch your imagination soar.

Sometimes at bedtime, I forget. Your teeth are brushed, your story is read, you’re tucked into bed, and it’s finally time when I can have a few moments of peace and quiet to myself. But then you get tears in your eyes and say, “Mom? My friend made me feel sad at school today,”—and I remember, I am so lucky to be the one you trust.

Sometimes at night, I forget. I’ve just fallen asleep, my body heavy with exhaustion and I am jolted out of bed by your cry— “Mommy! I had a bad dream!” I lumber down the hallway sighing deeply because I know this means another long night and hard morning. But then you ask me to stay with you and rub your back, and I remember—I am so lucky to be the one that makes you feel safe.

Feeling lucky is not hard to remember.

I remember pretending to be a mom when I was a little girl, and hoping that one day my dolls would be real babies.

I remember falling in love with your dad, knowing that he was the one I wanted to be my child’s father.

I remember finding out I was pregnant with you, and just sobbing because I was so, so happy.

And I remember exactly how it felt when the midwife laid you on my chest for the first time, all squirmy and wet and perfect.

So when life gets busy, when my mind races and my attention wanders, please know that I know how profoundly lucky I am to be your mom.

We're so glad to live in a time when modern baby gear exists. Sure, no one is going to argue that having a baby is easy—but it can be easier with support from some gadgets designed to help your baby and put your mind at ease.

As you build your baby registry, look for products that go the extra mile to make your life a whole lot easier. For example, what's better than a bassinet? A bassinet that can rock by itself. And what's better than a traditional baby monitor? One that allows you to actually take a peek at your baby. Believe us when we say these upgrades can make all the difference.

Here are 10 baby gadgets that will make your life so much easier… relatively speaking, of course!

A bassinet to promote safe + sound sleep

HALO Innovations Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Essenta Series Nautical Net

The safest place for your newborn to sleep is in your room, but not in your bed. Thanks to the swivel function of the Halo Bassinest, you can easily tend to your baby during the night—which means more sleep for you, too. Trust us when we say that is the best gift you can give a new parent.


A smart swing for your baby

4moms mamaRoo 4 Bluetooth Enabled High-Tech Baby Swing - Classic

Believe it or not, many babies are born with strong opinions about how they want to be rocked, swung or shushed to calm down. With the mamaRoo's various motions and reclining positions, you'll be able to find a setting your baby loves when you need to free up your hands for a bit.


A complete travel system for car + sidewalk

Chicco Bravo Travel System - Indigo

No matter where the day takes you—or what mode of transportation you need to get there—getting a complete travel system for your baby will equip you for anything.


A swaddle you don’t have to wrestle

Love To Dream Swaddle UP Original

What do babies and Harry Houdini have in common? A knack for breaking out of tight constraints—which can be a headache when swaddling is the best way to help promote good sleep. Thanks to a breakout-proof swaddle that allows your baby to sleep with their hands up, you don't have to work up a sweat just to get your baby comfortably swaddled.


A nursery wherever you need it

Baby Trend Lil Snooze Deluxe II Nursery Center

During the early days of parenting (when you are feeding and changing your baby around the clock), having convenient access to everything you need with a go-anywhere nursery station can save you serious time and energy.


A little help for stuffy noses

Fridababy NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator

Up until the point years down the road when your child is able to blow their own nose, the sniffles can be a real struggle—but not with a nasal aspirator that makes it easy for you to get that snot out of their nose.


A way to keep an eye on your baby

VTech 5" Digital Video Baby Monitor - VM5251

Trust us when we say you'll sleep better when you know your baby is also sleeping soundly. That's why we're so thankful for modern-day video monitors, which allow you to check in on your sleeping baby without running the risk of waking them up when you sneak in for a peek.


A bassinet for hands-free rocking

Simmons Kids Silent Auto Gliding Elite Bassinet - Odyssey

Babies are soothed by rocking motions. But what does that mean for you if you can't rock them throughout the night? With an auto-gliding bassinet, they can comfortably drift off to sleep... and continue snoozing.


An easy way to contain diaper smells

Diaper Genie Expressions Pail

Sometimes it's the little conveniences that make a big difference in the quality of your day-to-day life. That's why a great diaper pail should not be undervalued: By containing the smell, you will save yourself dozens upon dozens of trips to the garbage can.


A white noise machine that pulls double duty

Hatch Rest Sound Machine, Night Light & Time-to-Rise

A phone-controlled sound machine may be something you never considered until now, but it will be a major lifesaver for years to come, especially as it can also function as a time-to-rise clock that promotes good sleep habits for your child.


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