We’re in the home stretch, ladies.

Memorial Day weekend is here and summer is following closely behind. I’m not yet ready to ditch my yoga pants for — dare I say it — shorts, but I will be soon! That is, after a few weeks working to with Motherly’s ‘Summer Is Coming Workout’ playlist on Spotify, which we’ve jam-packed with some top hits as well as old favorites for maximum motivation during upcoming cardio sessions.

Why you need to listen to the playlist

Whether you work out once a week, or seven days a week – it’s time to ramp things up. Starting a new season [especially the one with the bathing suits, amirite?] is the perfect time for a fresh start. You could challenge yourself to add in an extra workout [at home or the gym], try out that cardio class you’ve been eyeing, or spruce up your musical selection. Listening to music during a workout isn’t necessarily a brand spankin’ new idea – but it is a smart one.

It’s science!

Listening to music has been proven to enhance your workout performance, especially listening to the right music. Songs with a bpm [beats per minute] of 120 to 140 are in the “sweet spot”, as Costas Karageorghis, PhD, head of the School of Sport and Education at Brunel University in London says. Karageorghis, who has been studying the relationship between music and exercise for over 20 years explains that music can “divert attention away from sensations of fatigue”--quite literally taking our mind off of feeling tired.

Music can amp us up and help push us to the next level. It’s a good distraction that’ll keep you entertained, focused, and feeling good. We’re all about upping our confidence levels around here – and choosing to work out always makes us feel good about ourselves. So, whether you’re able to get to the gym or you’re fitting in bursts of exercise at home during nap times – we want to give you a big hug. Nice job, mama! It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

How to get your cardio groove on

Motherly’s ‘Summer Is Coming Workout’ playlist is designed to help keep your energy levels up throughout your workout, hit you with some amazing tunes, Beyoncé, M.I.A., Jessie J, Jason Derulo, David Guetta, and the rest of their friends are on hand to ensure this, don’t worry. A few of our faves are below:

Be sure to keep in mind that adding a few cool down songs into your routine is a great idea, too [we love “In Too Deep” by The Sweeplings, “Is This Love?” by Corinne Bailey Rae, or “You & I (Nobody In the World)” by John Legend].

OK, ready to shake up your playlist? Motherly has made it easy: We’ve pre-loaded 35 songs for you to run, lift, or crunch your way to summer body confidence. Remember – if you feel good, you look good, and that kind of confidence is sexy as hell. Go get ‘em!

How to use our playlist:

1. Use our playlist directly on Spotify (on your computer, or on the Spotify app on your phone.)

2. Shuffle the playlist below; right on our site.

3. Check out the songs and pick and choose what you love, then create your own list (by purchasing the songs in iTunes, or using a music service website like Spotify.)

4. Work hard, rock out and enjoy!