If you're a parent to a kid under five, you're likely very, very familiar with CoComelon. And that's not a bad thing! But the songs can be...well, a tad...grating. After a while, anyway. But our little ones love the show, and because of that (and being able to get things done while they sit through an episode or four), we reluctantly love it, too. And now it's getting the podcast treatment!

On Tuesday, Spotify announced that they'll be partnering with the hit series for a new podcast called CoComelon Storytime, launching Jan. 24. CoComelon Storytime will feature interactive storytelling shows for preschoolers with 42 "playful and educational" stories told by none other than JJ and Cody.

The trailer for CoComelon Story Time features teasers from beloved stories like Humpty Dumpty, Jack and the Beanstalk, Three Little Pigs and other stories from around the world, which will be available in EnglishSpanish, German and Portuguese.

"We're thrilled to announce CoComelon's first spoken word format with Spotify, the premier partner in audio," said Patrick Reese, general manager at Moonbug Entertainment, the company that produces CoComelon. "CoComelon's goal has always been to inspire positivity and nurture a growth mindset for kids around the world, and this helps create a fun and new way to entertain and support our global audience. We look forward to creating more content beyond the screen that speaks to children and parents as they learn and grow together."

Spotify is equally excited about all the possibilities of the podcast.

"We are so thrilled to be entering into this partnership with CoComelon to produce a series of original and exclusive content tailored to families," said Max Cutler, head of new content initiatives at Spotify. "This is a major win for us as we continue to expand the scope of our podcast ambitions and help to drive the exponential growth of the audio industry."

As someone with a CoComelon-hating six-year-old and a CoComelon-loving two-year-old, I'm optimistic that listening to this podcast will be a hit with both of my kids during car rides. My oldest has disdain for the songs of the show, which she says are for "babies." But she also loves indulging her little sister, so I think this podcast will be the happy medium for them both when it comes to JJ and his crew.

On Jan. 24, CoComelon Story Time will be available within the main Spotify app for parents who want to set up listening for their kids. If you have a Spotify Premium Family plan, it will also be available on the Spotify Kids app.