We all know where babies come from, right? A few too many glasses of wine at your best friend’s wedding and the next thing you know, a tiny human is on the way. (Just us? Okay. ?) But how do these marvels of creation actually get here, and what happens once they’re born?

Whether you’ve never changed a diaper in your life or already consider yourself a baby whisperer, these 5 documentaries will inspire and entertain you as you’re trying to conceive.

1. 9 Months That Made You

Making a baby isn’t just nerve-wrackingly exciting, it’s also one of the most stunning marvels in the universe. This three-part PBS series explores the biology of human life and how microscopic zygotes transform into diverse human beings, covering topics ranging from epigenetics to skin color to gender identity. Prepare to have your mind blown.

How to watch: $7.99 for the 3-part series on iTunes

2. National Geographic: In the Womb

This awesome look at fetal development will help you understand how babies grow from the moment of conception to birth. It’s like high school biology class, but way cuter.

How to watch: $14.99 from National Geographic; available only on DVD, but worth it

3. 40 Weeks

“Even if you’re ready, you’re not really ready,” shares one expectant mama in
40 Weeks, speaking pregnant lady #TRUTH. This film is follows a diverse group of American women on the powerful journey to meeting their little ones. It’s a realistic look at the highs and lows of pregnancy. Oh, and it’s funny, too—you just might pee yourself. Kegel me now.

How to watch: $3.99-$14.99, YouTube; $3.99-$14.99, Google Play; $12.99-14.99, Amazon Video; $14.99, iTunes

4. Babies

Take the pressure off yourself, mama. This powerful, magical documentary, told entirely from the points of view of four babies in Mongolia, Japan, San Francisco and Namibia, shows that there’s no one “right way” to parent a child. It proves that love is the universal language.

How to watch: $2.99-$12.99, YouTube; $14.99, iTunes; $2.99-$12.99, Amazon Video, $2.99-$13.99, Vudu; $2.99-$12.99, Google Play

5. The Beginning of Life

Ready to take on one of the most important jobs in the world?
The Beginning of Life explores just how important early childhood is to a happy life, society and world. It’s essential work, and you should be proud to do it.

How to watch: $0.99-$2.99, iTunes; $0.99-$4.99, Amazon Video