One of the greatest joys of parenthood is reading with your little ones. Whether it's going through a story with only a few words (all consisting of animal noises) or watching your budding reader start to put sentences together, fond memories are sure to come from quality time spent with books.

Here is our guide for creating a cozy and practical reading nook the whole family will love.

1. Pick a spot

The corner of a child's room, playroom or living room are all ideal places to start!

2. Choose your seating

An important step in encouraging your little ones to get lost in books for hours is to give them a comfortable place to do so. A bay window with a cute (and pretty) big pillow underneath, plus plenty of pillows to prop themselves up, is perfect—just make sure the windows are secured!

Or, opt for a simple pillow on the floor. Easy, multifunctional and oh-so inviting to a kiddo.

3. Consider your storage

Next, you'll need to find a place to store and display all the books! We love shelves that allow the books to face outward so that kids can easily identify and grab the book they want next.

4. Make it unique + cozy

Now for the (really) fun part: Making your child's nook personal and cozy. Tents are never a bad idea in this endeavor and they make kids feel as though they have their own little hideaway for quiet time.

5. Light the way

Protect little eyes by ensuring there is a good source of light, either from a window (making sure they are secured so they can't climb out), or a light fixture that casts the perfect glow on the pages.

6. Fill it with books!

This is the best part! Books and reading = memories and love. Enjoy every second, mama!

And now for some of our favorite products to help you create the perfect reading nook for your little one!


1. Ikea spice racks (aka book shelves!)

Check out this BRILLIANT Ikea hack by We Are Scout, made with $4 spice racks! They are less than 16 inches long so perfect for a smaller sized wall, and they are plain birch color so you can paint them to match any theme.


2. Sloan Bookrack

The easiest way to store book is in a classic bookcase. From antique and refurbished to modern and whimsical, you can find one that matches any room. Just be sure to mount them to the wall to avoid littles from pulling them down.


3. Mr. Fox book storage cart

For a reading-nook-on-the-go, keep some books in a portable wagon. Kids love carrying their treasures around with them, and that fox just might be the cutest thing ever ?.


4. Whale bean bag chair

Fact: Bean bags never go out of fashion. Your littles will love lounging on this for maximum comfort while reading.


5. Kid's tent

This sweet play teepee comes with its own carrying case and is perfect for children ages three and up.


6. Kid's desk lamp

A cute desk lamp is the most useful item Ito keep your little one reading into the night.