As a mama, we want to instill a love for books for our kids. Reading books has great benefits—expanding their range of vocabulary and helping them to become smarter. But maintaining that love, in the age of technology, where screens instantly catch a kiddo’s attention, can be a challenge.

The easiest place to start a love of reading is right in the comfort of your own home. That’s why having a reading nook is essential. Their playtime (and mama quiet time) can both take flight in a tiny corner of the house for some comfy, cozy, reading time.

Whether you’re into home decor hacks or minimalist decor, a reading spot is the kind of spot everyone in the house can enjoy. You know that tiny spot under your stairs that only fits pillows, or that area in the corner of your mudroom that piles up with toys? Transform those areas into functioning reader corners.

And even if you aren’t a reading family, don’t stress it. Reading nooks are still a great place to just chill and unwind.

21 kids reading nook ideas—AKA everyone’s new favorite spot in the house

1. Just swingin’ around

2. Happy place

3. Green thumb reader

4. Book collection & reading nook go hand-in-hand

5. A colorful escape

6. Read & chill

7. The floor seat lounge

8. A tiny armchair and a doll for company

9. The glam nook

10. A book with a view

11. Pretty in pink

12. Keep it cozy

13. That 70’s nook

14. Cozy and chic

15. Modern corner

16. Beanbags make the ultimate kids reading nook

17. The best spot in the house

18. In it together

19. Kiddie corner

20. Keeping it gray

21. Bar cart turned book cart

A version of this post was published July 24, 2020. It has been updated.