And Just Like That is the show we all love to watch even if we aren’t sure why we’re watching it, right? Well, good news: it’s been renewed for a second season! It might have once been touted as a “limited series,” but we know there’s no limit to how long we’ll continue to watch Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte do their thing.

Speaking of which, we—and fellow fans on the internet—have some thoughts about what we’d like to see in season two. Okay, we have A LOT of thoughts about what we all want to see in season two.

Buckle up.

1. Carrie + Sex + The City

First things first: we need to see our girl getting back out there again! Sure, Carrie’s self-centered and not as mature as we’d like, but watching her date again is a necessary part of the fun of this entire show (we know And Just Like That is not Sex and the City, but we still need it). Particularly if it involves her super sexy producer, whom she made out with during the season one finale.

2. Miranda stays true to herself

Anyone who’s spent the better part of the last 20 years self-identifying as “a Miranda” was likely sorely disappointed by her out-of-touch behaviors, unrecognizable personality, and treatment of Steve. She needs to figure out who she is, or at least who she wants to be. If that’s a queer woman in a relationship with Che, so be it. If it’s a queer woman divorcing her husband, fine. People change, yes, but Miranda’s personality pathway is a mystery.

3. Positive outlooks on aging

Hey did you know that aging isn’t all misery, all the time? And that it’s actually a privilege to grow older, wiser, funnier, more confident, and more sure of yourself? It is, but you wouldn’t really know that by the plotlines of season one, which was all hip surgery/sexlessness/death. For every groan about creaky bones, we should get at least one (1) steamy love scene.

4. More Charlotte and Harry

That bathroom scene where Lily walks in is, admittedly, scarring. But it was also hilarious and extremely relatable, and also very true to who Charlotte and Harry are. Their weird tennis squabbling added nothing to the plot, and we know from the original series that they’re extremely entertaining to watch together. More, please.

5. More of Seema. Like, A LOT more.

She’s a blast and she kind of fills the void of Samantha, but because she herself is magical—not because she’s trying to replicate Samantha Jones. Sarita Choudhury is so talented and fun to watch.

6. A happier ending for Nya and her husband

I think the writing is on the wall for these two, but it would be great if we could see a happier resolution between these two (who clearly love each other very much). Child-free couples can be perfectly happy, too!

7. Love again for Anthony

We’ll miss Stanford Blatch (and Willie Garson) forever, but the possible hijinks of Anthony dating again are almost too exciting to ignore. Maybe And Just Like That could bring back Marcus, Stanford’s ex? There’s some history there, after all.

8. Charlotte gets back into the art world full-time

Her kids are old enough to not need her 24/7, and she’s still so passionate and knowledgeable about art. It would be so cool to see her take that on again somehow.

9. Che confronting their narcissism

“Hey, it’s Che Diaz! In therapy!”

10. Samantha makes a cameo appearance

Now this is obviously a very unrealistic wish-list item, it’s true. But the way so many fans felt when they saw that Big’s funeral flowers were from Samantha—ugh. A true gut-punch and reminder of just how much we miss her and the way she balanced out the group.

11. Cameos!

We’ve already experienced Bitsy von Muffling, but what about all the other old favorite side characters? Scrunchies are back in style, and I personally would love to see Jack Berger and Carrie Bradshaw passive-aggressively fight over it in a restaurant again. Enid from Vogue! Robert! Bunny MacDougal! Aidan’s baby Tate! We love everything about SATC Easter eggs being part of the new series. Though Matthew Broderick may just be the best potential cameo of them all.

12. No more “comedy concerts”

That’s it, that’s the wish. No more, please and thanks!


*Deep breath.* From the way he was written to be a bumbling, duddering manchild to the way Miranda treated him by cheating on him and blindsiding him with a divorce, we’d love to see some justice for Steve Brady. Where’s the funny, quirky, yet adorable bartender who absolutely knew how to do sex? We miss him. Literally everyone misses him. EVERYONE.