Do you ever have those nights where all you want to do is cozy up in your PJs with snacks and a warm blanket…but it's also family night? No need to worry, because we have the ideal no-stress, no-mess activity that's sure to create fun memories for the entire family: binging a hilarious TV show together! That's right, you can keep your PJs on.

We've pulled together a list of kid, tween, and teen-friendly comedies—they'll have you and your family snuggled up side-by-side on the couch, laughing and bonding over the feel-good storylines and wholesome, lovable characters.

6 and Under

  1. Phineas and Ferb. Now bear with me because I know animated shows aren't every adult's cup of tea. But trust me, Phineas and Ferb brings its comedy A-game in a way that'll have even parents grinning at the screen! As for your kids, they're sure to be obsessed with the hilarious characters and the wacky (but entertaining!) schemes they find themselves in episode after episode. Find it on Disney+.
  2. Cousins for Life. We love a sitcom that teaches life lessons, right? This heartwarming comedy is all about family, and how even when life gets crazy and chaotic, you still have each other despite your backgrounds and interests. It's cute, perfect for younger age groups, and is sure to make everyone in the family laugh as you watch the misadventures the cousins get into. Find it on Nick+.
  3. Side Hustle. This modern-day comedy stars real-life social media influencers and best friends Annie LeBlanc and Jayden Bartels, who your kids may already know and be fans of. The show follows their friendship after they accidentally cause a fiasco at school, and how they attempt to mend the issue with their technology know-how. The show is a little goofy and a lot funny - definitely an easy watch for both you and your kids. Find it on Nick+.
  4. Stuck in the Middle. This show finds humor within the disorderly family life of seven siblings and two very busy parents. Through the lens of middle child Harley, she and her siblings get creative to deal with their own relationships and family as whole. And although this show is geared towards kids, it's a great whole-family watch and includes moments even adults will find endearingly comedic. Find it on Disney+.

Ages 7-9+

  1. The InBESTigators. Even though this show was created for kids, you'd be surprised how entertaining you find it as an adult (at least I did!). This Australian comedy is about child detectives who come together to solve mysteries. The actors' comedic delivery is spot-on, and the script is clever, fast-moving, and of course hilarious. You and your kids are sure to be cracking up every single episode! Find it on Netflix.
  2. School of Rock. It's exactly what you think it is: a TV spinoff of the original School of Rock movie that had you howling with laughter. This live-action comedy follows the same story as the movie, but brings it in a form that you and your family can enjoy over three seriously hilarious seasons. Find it on Nick+.
  3. I Didn't Do It. This offbeat comedy follows a group of teenage siblings and friends as they recount their many adventures through flashbacks and storytelling. It's definitely different from the typical sitcom format, but it's funny in a quirky, refreshing way and has humor that your kids (and you!) are sure to appreciate. Find it on Disney+.
  4. Dog With A Blog. The premise of the show is so wacky that it's hilarious in itself: a dog that can write, talk, and blog? C'mon, it's a must-watch just to see that happen! Your kids are sure to spend every episode laughing, and even as an adult you're sure to enjoy the goofy jokes and storylines. Find it on Amazon Instant Video and YouTube.
  5. Good Luck Charlie. You may or may not have watched this as a kid on Disney Channel (before streaming was a thing!), but if you didn't, it's all about an older sister who's filming life lessons and advice for her newborn, baby sister. So cute, right! This show is your typical Disney comedy with light, topical storylines, and you and your kids are sure to be chuckling more often than not during episodes. Find it on Disney+.
  6. The Brady Bunch. Talk about a wholesome classic! Even though this show is from the '70s, it holds up well as a go-to family favorite. After Mike, the father of three sons, marries Carol, the mother of three daughters, we watch the two families go through the growing pains of combining lives, living with new siblings, and more. Find it on CBS All Access and Hulu Plus.

Ages 10-12+

  1. The Goldbergs. This comedy pokes fun at a chaotically relatable family. This eight-season sitcom is equal parts heartwarming, relatable, hilarious, and nostalgic—and perfect to invite grandpa and grandma over to watch, too. Although it was filmed within the past decade, it's set in the '80s, following a Philadelphia family of five that consists of an overprotective Mom, grumpy Dad, and their three rambunctious kids as they navigate school, sibling dynamics, and friendships. Find it on Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video.
  2. Fuller House. If Full House was your childhood favorite, you're going to enjoy sharing that nostalgia with your kids through Fuller House. This reboot includes some of that same, lovable cast of characters as the original series, and maintains the similar easy-to-follow, family-friendly storylines. The best part? There's five seasons, so you can have a full-on bingeing marathon. Find it on Netflix.
  3. Alexa & Katie. While this series lightly addresses Alexa's cancer struggle, the show doesn't dwell on i; instead, it finds comedy in typical teen drama, like high school relationships, friendships, fitting in, and mother-daughter dynamics. It's airy and relatable, making a fun watch for the entire family. Find it on Netflix.
  4. Black-ish. This sitcom gently tackles sociopolitical issues in a family-friendly way, mixing funny storylines with matters of race, and delivering it with positive messaging. Every character, from the adults to the kids, are spot-on with their comedic delivery, so your entire family is sure to be cracking up throughout every episode. Find it on Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video.
  5. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. This '90s sitcom is goofy, wholesome, and good-natured. And if you watched it yourself when it originally aired, it's one of those shows that's fun to re-binge and cherish with your own kids now. Plus, it's a great way to introduce your kids to the witty, comedic, and very charming Will Smith. Find it on HBO Max.
  6. The Baby-Sitters Club. If you read the original book series as a kid, this show has to be on your must-watch list. But even if you didn't, you and your kids will absolutely adore this delightful group of entrepreneurial and culturally diverse tweens who start their own babysitting business. But keep in mind that this isn't your typical sitcom—it touches on deeper themes of friendship, empathy, sexuality and gender, framed against the backdrop of witty jokes and sweet comedy. Find it on Netflix.

Ages 13+

  1. Kevin Can Wait. Kevin James doesn't disappoint as a newly-retired stay-at-home dad in this series. Sure, this cookie-cutter sitcom isn't deep or edgy, and it doesn't tackle controversial subjects, but it's a lighthearted family-friendly watch that you'll love for all the silly jokes. Oh, and for all my King of Queens fans out there—stay tuned for season two, because Leah Remini joins the cast as a former co-worker of Kevin James' character, and is an absolute delight and comedy standout. Find it on Amazon Prime.
  2. Young Sheldon. If you were a die-hard Big Bang Theory fan, you can dip your kids' toes in the franchise by starting them off with Young Sheldon. In this spin-off prequel we meet the quirky but lovable Sheldon Cooper as a tween, when he's coming to realize his genius and wrestling to fit in with his classmates and family. This comedy is one of Chuck Lorre's many creations, so if you enjoyed shows like Mom and Mike & Molly, you can rest easy knowing Young Sheldon lives up to the same production value. Watch it on CBS All Access and HBO Max.
  3. Family Reunion. This is a show that I seriously wish had more than two seasons! If you haven't heard of Family Reunion, it's about a Black family who moves from a big West Coast city to a small southern town, which results in a confrontation of their values and traditions. Although it lightly touches on hot-button issues, it offers comedic relief in the form of silly punchlines, making it a family-friendly watch. Watch it on Netflix.
  4. Grown-ish. If your family watched (and maybe even re-watched!) Black-ish, this spin-off is your next go-to. It follows Zoey Johnson, portrayed by the warm and hilarious Yara Shahidi, as she goes off to college and deals with a host of struggles and often too-familiar life lessons that step in life brings. Like Black-ish, Grown-ish is packed with positive messaging, upbeat humor, and loads of charm. Find it on Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video.