Whether you're looking for feel-good TV shows about kindness for kids, or a series that entertains your kiddos as much as it teaches them about compassion, friendship and hard work, pretty much every streaming platform has something you can feel good about choosing for screen-time. Maybe you're watching right alongside your little one or maybe you need a few extra minutes to enjoy your cup of coffee before your child comes running to you looking for the next thing to do (3rd time reheating that cup, anyone?).

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Whatever the case may be, the following list of TV shows for kids from Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime will teach your kiddos how to put core principles into action without them even knowing it. Customize your watchlists with this roundup that's perfect for even the youngest of viewers.

Netflix TV Shows About Kindness

Meet the kind kid squad—pals Niah, Ari, Ellie and Jax are on a mission to solve all of their town's problems. Through anonymous exploits and teamwork, this series shows kids that you don't need to be a superhero to do good deeds.

Inspired by the true story of how these two underdogs found each other, excitable pup Ruby and her owner Daniel help each other realize their dreams. This emotional flick that's sure to pull the heartstrings of everyone in the family is perfect for your next family movie night.

What's not to love about a museum full of exhibits that come alive at night? This fan favorite has it all: strong female characters, LGBTQ+ representation, and a diverse group of friends who work together in every episode to solve problems and protect their beloved museum.

This heartwarming film about a humanoid alligator will pull at everyone's heartstrings. Watch as Arlo embarks on the journey of a lifetime as he searches for his estranged father—and makes some pretty great friends along the way.

Meet Karma Grant, a spunky and aspiring musician with a heart that's even bigger than her talent. Kids will learn how to deal with different issues such as discrimination, confidence and identity—all while listening to catchy and inspirational tunes.

This pint-sized scientist solves everyday mysteries with the help of her family and friends. But it's not just about figuring out the how, why and what—this show also helps kids put into action all they've learned to make the world a better place.

Disney+ TV Shows About Kindness

Quickly rising as a global fan-favorite, this Aussie-based show follows the antics of a lovable pup with limitless energy. Young and old will be laughing one minute and tearing up the next. With subtle life lessons and a refreshing perspective, Bluey has something in store for everyone to adore.

Elena's new role as crown princess teaches her all about resilience, compassion and thoughtfulness. Each episode features different adventures where she solves big and small problems, with the guidance and support of family and friends. This is a great pick for little leaders!

Inspired by Peter Pan, Jake and his crew use teamwork to solve their issues with Captain Hook.

Through catchy music and beautiful animation, this show focuses on imaginative play and emotions. A fun watch for parents and kids alike.

Another Disney nod to an old favorite, this show follows Simba's son, Kion, as he figures out how to protect the pride lands. As he looks to the older generation for help, this pick features lots of teachable moments.

Amazon Prime TV Shows About Kindness

Set in a whimsical land, children will be enriched though episodes that promote imaginative play, the fun of learning and understanding the world around them.

Pete and his pals learn different life lessons every day—,like how you're supposed to take three bites of new food before you decide you don't like it. Based on a popular book series, this is a great pick to get your little one excited about reading.

This show is a favorite among kids and parents alike. With subtle lessons ranging from sharing to potty training to handling big emotions, Daniel Tiger helps kids navigate life through different stages.

The adventures of best friends and unlikely heroes, dynamic duo Stinky the garbage truck and Dirty the backhoe show resourcefulness and creative problem solving skills in every episode.