We know your mind is probably racing with a million thoughts during pregnancy and postpartum, so we went ahead and rounded up 5 resource links to keep you in the know about the latest and greatest in wellness. Here's the pregnancy wellness news everybody's buzzing about.

  1. If you're wavering about practicing yoga well into your pregnancy, this mama's Instagram feed will get you motivated.
  2. If you haven't jumped on the BPA free bandwagon (think: everyday household products) when you find out you're pregnant, here's why you should.
  3. Goodbye Amazon, Hello Yahoo! Finally, friendly maternity news for expecting mothers (..and fathers).
  4. Pregnancy is a good time to get vaccinated. Getting the M.M.R. and TDAP vaccines provide a two-for-one benefit - protecting both mothers and babies.
  5. Parental happiness = possible future children... you don't say?!