Every holiday is fun until the inevitable sugar crash. If you don't want to fill your little's Easter baskets with candy, there are plenty of cute and creative toys out there. And since Easter means spring is right around the corner, there's a world of possibility with things like spill-proof bubbles, sidewalk chalk and even practical rain gear.

From snuggly soft bunnies to alternative egg-stuffing loot, we've rounded up our best non-candy Easter basket ideas for all the little bunnies in your life this Easter. Now hop to it!

East Basket Ideas for Baby

Odin Parker Handmade Wooden Bunny

Odin Parker


Handmade Wooden Bunny

A sweet heirloom bunny makes the perfect addition to their first Easter Basket! Not only is this one made from sustainable hardwood, but your purchase also provides meals to children in need.

lamb stuffed animal

cuddle + kind


Avery the Lamb

Cuddle + Kind’s lovely knit stuffies feel good in all the ways—they’re soft, snuggly and for every doll sold, 10 meals are donated to people in need.

toddler bib and silicone plate

Ezpz + Bapron


Meal Time Bundle

Pro tip: Until they’re old enough to get it, things like bibs and dishware totally count as Easter basket fodder. And when they’re this good-looking, it’s a no-brainer. The brilliant silicone mat from Ezpz makes mealtime less messy since it sticks directly to their tray or table while the Bapron bib is up for the challenge of catching whatever Pollock-esque mealtime antics they get up to.

baby swaddle blankets

aden + anais


Swaddle Set

Muslin swaddles are a must-have. This sweet set from Aden + Anais is springy and Easter-ready with bunny print tucked into the bunch.

eggs kids can play with



Shakin' eggs

With two rattles, one chirp and one jingle, these musical wooden eggs will get little ones moving and grooving to their own beat. Just hand them over and let them twist, bang and shake until their heart’s content. (Or until the need for a break arises. We get it, mama.)

bath time ducks

Oli & Carol


Elvis the Duck

We adore the eco-friendly rubber duckies from Oli & Carol. They’re hand-crafted of 100% natural rubber from Malaysian Hevea trees making it safe for little ones to chew on, and designed without holes so no gross mold can thrive inside.

Love childrens book

Love by Emma Dodd

Tired of Runaway Bunny? Discover a new parent + baby favorite in Emma Dodd’s charming board book, Love. According to one reviewer, “She has put into words all the things you wish every child, everywhere, could hear and know about themselves and the world. Namely, that they are loved and accepted and their very presence brings joy. Sweet illustrations with some shiny silver embossing are the cherry on top. I can’t recommend these wonderful little books enough.”

llama llama easter book

Llama Llama Easter Egg by Anna Dewdney

In Llama Llama Easter Egg, the Easter Bunny brings lots of treats for Llama Llama: jelly beans, colorful eggs, and a fluffy surprise! An awesome addition to your Llama, Llama collection for sure.

teething ring

Loulou Lollipop


Bunny Ear Teething Ring

Available in an array of gorgeous prints, the sweet bunny teethers from Loulou Lollipop offer tiny teethers a variety of safe and natural textures to explore.

pat the bunny book

Pat the Bunny Touch and Feel Book by Dorothy Kunhardt

This is a first Easter basket requirement by law.

stripped bonnet

Briar Handmade


Natural Stripe Bonnet

The timeless sweetness of Briar Baby’s handmade bonnets make them a true Easter basket staple.

petit collage wooden rattle

Petit Collage


Wooden Rattle Rabbit

Made from five smooth beech rings that are perfect for grabbing and little ears that are safe for chewing, this colorful pal may just be an instant favorite.

loulou lollipop bandanna bib set

LouLou Lollipop


Bandanna Bib Set

Drooling never looked so stylish. The cloud-soft muslin bandanna bibs are a perfect combo of baby fashion meets function.

bella tunno beginner spinner

Bella Tunno


Beginner Spinner

A fidget toy for the baby set! Made from safe-to-munch food-grade silicone, this engaging toy is designed to grow with your little one. The rotating construction keeps their hands and mouths busy while the hand-drawn icons teach number, shape and animal identification. And don’t be surprised if you find yourself playing with it every now and then too!




Sophie la Girafe

Does it look like a fancy glorified dog toy? Yes. Does it also possess some freakish ability to calm, soothe and entertain (almost) any baby who gnaws on its squeaky head and hoofs? Also yes.


Doddle & Co.


Pop Pacifier

Designed by two mamas who were tired of trying to clean dropped pacifiers when there was no sink around, the Doddle & Co. pacifiers feature a unique “pop when it drops” function, popping them into a protective bundle when your little one inevitably lets go.

wav hello sound bub

WavHello SoundBub


On-the-Go Sound Soother

Parents and babies alike love this sweet soother that makes naps on the go a breeze. The cute little owl plays nature sounds and two songs to keep them asleep without stressing.




Mini Cup + Straw Training System

Practicality rules when it comes to baby Easter baskets. The silicone cup and straw from ezpz is an ideal way to introduce your little one to drinking from a cup and comes in a bunch of springy gorgeous colors.

Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

Pottery Barn Kids Bunny Ears

Pottery Barn Kids


Seersucker Bunny Ears

Obligatory. Adorable.

egg childrens book

Egg by Kevin Henkes

The graphic novel Egg by Caldecott Medalist and New York Times-bestselling author Kevin Henkes is not only a perfect Easter gift, but also a classic read-alone and read-aloud that they’re sure to thrust in you lap all year long.

melissa and doug water wow

Melissa & Doug


Water WOW Reusable Activity Pads

Many a road-trip and restaurant meal have been saved by these little miracles. Just fill the reusable “paint brush” with water and let them go to town revealing the colors hidden in the pages. When it dries, the color disappears so they can do it all over again. There’s a ton of styles to choose from and even come in bundles you can split between baskets.

childrens hunter rain boots



First Classic Waterproof Rain Boot

Classic spring fashion made mini.

roshambo kids sunglasses



Unbreakable Sunglasses

Get ready for those spring rays! The colorful polarized glasses from Roshambo are not only great at keeping your little one’s eyes safe from the sun, but they’re virtually impossible to break. (We know, we tried!)

candylab mini wooden donut truck

Candylab Toys


Mini Wooden Food Trucks

From playtime to shelf decor, we might be a tiny bit obsessed with Candylab Toys adorable food trucks. The totally awesome collection includes a taco, donut, hot dog and milk van which all make the most stylish addition to their baskets.

loulou lollipop bunny chopsticks

LouLou Lollipop


Bunny Chopsticks

The perfect chopsticks for little hands are also the cutest ones we’ve ever seen. This clever design features removable silicone loops that teach the proper grasping technique (and work their dexterity in general!) while the wide flat tips keep them from getting too frustrated.

Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Coloring Activity Set



Color Wonder Mess Free Coloring Activity Set

If your couch has ever suffered the wrath of creative toddler, swap their markers for the magical Color Wonder collection from Crayola. This 30-piece set will keep them busy for hours (and your furniture doodle-free) with markers, ink pads, and stamps that only produce color when used with the Color Wonder coloring pages (also included!)

maileg bunny



Bunny Bob

We can never resist the sweet heirloom toys from Maileg. They’ve got a vintage storybook charm that’s perfect for gifting on special occasions–Bob the Bunny included.

Little Dutch Goose Balance Game

Little Dutch


Goose Balance Game

Put mama goose to the test as you and your little pile her hatchlings on her back! This sweet, skill-building game is fun to play in pairs or even solo and is cute enough to keep out even when they’re not playing.

Chalk Farm glitter egg chalk

Chalk Farm


Glitter Egg Sidewalk Chalk

Easter means spring and spring means taking art to the streets—er, sidewalks, rather. This festive set is delightfully holiday and warm weather ready.

fubbles bubble tumbler



Bubble Tumbler

Every kid who has ever played with bubbles has likely cried over spilling bubbles. That’s why we love the spill-proof tumblers from Fubbles. The size is great for little hands but big enough you won’t have to refill every five minutes.

playdoh eggs



Easter Eggs

Perfect for backyard egg hunts or tucked into their basket! Each one comes with a ball of Play-Doh in the corresponding color tucked inside.

childrens puzzle

Floppy's Happy Hunt


Hide-and-Seek Carrot Game

Who says Easter eggs are the only things that need hunting? An engaging first board game for kids, Hoppy Floppy’s Happy Hunt game helps develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and pre-handwriting skills while spinning and matching a collection of colorful carrots.

chickapig book

Little Joe Chickapig by Brian Calhoun

Little Joe Chickapig wants to be just like his adventurous grandpa. But how did the old chickapig hero do it? Find out in this fun, original story by Brian Calhoun, creator of the popular Chickapig Board Game.

wooden carrot garden set

Montessori wooden sorting and counting carrot puzzle

A darling way to develop fine motor skills, concentration and problem solving, this Montessori-inspired carrot puzzle comes with seven wooden carrots that are all the same color, shape and texture—the only thing that’s different is their size. Through trial and error, kids will learn where they fit and where they don’t!

carrot rocket game



Magnetic Carrot Rocket Game

This cherry wood rocket puzzle features five stackable layers with embedded magnets for easy assembly and disassembly—and the cutest passenger tucked safely inside.

Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

Easter Bunny House Decorating Kit

Favorite Day


Easter Bunny House Decorating Kit

After they hunt eggs, settle in for a bit of decorating! This kit comes with everything they need to craft the sweetest (pun intented!) bunny house which may or may not be devoured later.

Lovepop Easter Story Adventure Box



Boppy and the Great Easter Egg Hunt Story Adventure Box

Double down on the egg hunt excitement with this super fun story-based hunt from LovePop! Inside the Adventure Box they’ll find  15 individual pouches that reveal the story of Boppy and the Great Easter Egg Hunt. Open them in order and meet the characters, destinations and follow the plot as it unfolds. In the end, they’ll have 29 miniature paper pop-up sculptures and accessories that can easily be stored in the box to enjoy for years to come.

off limits cereal glitter



Cereal Glitter

Not that kids need any added incentive to eat cereal, but this is just plain fun. The totally edible, all-natural glitter not only adds some breakfast sparkle but if they make a wish when shaking it on, it might even turn blue when the milk hits.😉


Little Lady Products


Nail Polish

Safe, non-toxic and made with littles in mind, the colorful nail polishes from Little Lady Products each come with a sweet wearable bow ring to show off alongside their manicure.

welly bandages



Bravery Badges

No one likes getting hurt, but everyone loves a good bandage. The flexible fabric bandages from Welly are always a hit with their fun patterns and oh-so-stylish (and reusable!) metal tin. They also stick better than any we’ve ever used.

super smalls days of the week lip balm

Super Smalls


Days of the Week Lip Balm

In 1987, this would have made me the coolest kindergartner in the class, which is probably why I love it so much. The super fun and fruity set comes with seven lip balms, one for every day of the week and a colorful chain necklace to showcase their collection.

dabble and dollop original bubble box

Dabble & Dollop


Bath Bubbles Mixing Kit

The luxe bath essentials from Dabble & Dollop merge bath time with play time. Each of their deliciously scented products are formulated to be mixed together to create a unique bath time experience that’s relaxing, fun and gets their creativity flowing. This set comes with a strawberry gel, tangerine gel, vanilla whip and mixing bowl along with recipe ideas to inspire their next concoction.

totes umbrella



Clear Bubble Umbrella

We all know what April showers bring…puddle stomping!! The kid-sized clear umbrellas from Totes make it easy to see while staying dry. And bonus! The shape makes it nearly impossible for anyone to get their eye poked out.😉

Melissa and Doug Make-a-Face Sticker pad

Melissa & Doug


Make-a-Face Sticker Pad

Hilarity ensues with the fun reusable sticker pads from Melissa & Doug. With 10 scenes and 76 cling stickers, there’s no end to the funny faces kiddos can come up with. And since it’s totally mess free, it’s perfect for spring road trips!

easter bubble bath bomb

Two Sisters Store


Easter Bubble Bath Bomb

Handmade in Minnesota from from natural ingredients, the surprise Bubble Bombs from Two Sisters make bath time extra fun. Unlike regular bath bombs, these colorful, scented bombs fill the tub with bubbles as they dissolve. And the best part? There’s one of 12 Easter-themed squishes hidden inside!

Fetti Easter Party Tattoos



Easter Party Temporary Tattoos

Jelly beans are fun, but Easter tattoos last longer! These glittery tattoos are a great alternative for egg stuffing or to fill their baskets.




Scented Pencils

Make homework a little more fun with yummy-scented pencils made from recycled paper.

Crayola Scribble Scrubbies Playset



Scribble Scrubbie Pets Playset

There’s something about coloring on things that aren’t paper that’s oh-so-appealing to kids. (God bless Magic Erasers, right?) Spare your walls and get them hooked on Crayola’s Scribble Scrubbies. The creatures can be colored, washed and colored again to keep the fun going. Even better, it conveniently packs up for on-the-go playtime.

Lego easter bunny



Easter Bunny

This limited edition set is cute as can be! With a sweet little bunny and two customizable Easter eggs, this is one basket addition that will keep them busy for awhile!

easter hidden pictures highlights



Easter Hidden Pictures Puzzles

The best part of Highlights magazine in a seasonally appropriate theme makes the perfect Easter basket addition.

A version of this story was published March 1, 2021. It has been updated.