Spring has sprung, as the saying goes. It traditionally calls for renewal and rejuvenation, things we especially now welcome given these recent challenging times. What could be more celebratory than celebrating the Easter holiday with a tea party for the little ones? We went to Polly Singer, who is certified in the Art of Afternoon Tea Etiquette from the Southern California School of Etiquette, for suggestions on creating a cute Easter tea party for kids that all will enjoy.

So, don those bunny ears and hop onboard to plan the festive fun!

1. First and foremost, consider a theme

There are many to choose from, which makes this part of the planning an especially pleasurable activity. These can range from the whimsical Alice in Wonderland theme to cute bunnies and chicks. Or, for a floral theme, tulips, daffodils, and spring flowers make a colorful and nice backdrop

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2. Get your tea table ready

There are many ways to go here. Singer offered a suggestion that is classic and traditional. She recommended a setting that all participants should enjoy: Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit plates, napkins, and other decorations. You could also read The Tale of Peter Rabbit to the children for an entertaining touch. Easter songs geared to youngsters are also a welcome addition, like Here Comes Peter Cottontail and I'm a Little Teapot.

3. Choose fun outfits

Easter hats are a holiday staple, and there are many creative ways to fashion them. Singer suggests making paper hats (there are many instructions on the Internet and inspiration on Pinterest). Construction paper is a versatile tool for making an Easter topper, and sewing or gluing a festive piece onto a headband is also a fun way to decorate. Dharma Trading also offers inexpensive fabric hats that can be washed, drawn on with paint markers and offer sun protection if the party is outside, she added.

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4. Put the tea in tea party

Don't forget the star of the party! For herbal tea, make sure the children aren't allergic to any of its herbs or flavors. Singer likes decaffeinated blueberry tea for the whole group. Chamomile tea is caffeine free and very calming. However, if your partiers' palates are not partial to tea, there are alternatives that will fit the bill. Apple juice, lemonade, or orange juice are good alternatives. Even though these beverages aren't tea, keep the theme consistent by filling a teapot with one of these drinks and pour into either paper cups or inexpensive tea cups (many arts and crafts stores sell them). Both can be adorned with Easter stickers as an added feature.

5. Figure out the food

There are many possibilities here to consider, so let's start with a tea party staple: finger sandwiches. You can use cookie cutters as a creative way for kids to craft different bread shapes. Singer said using shapes like bunnies, carrots, Easter eggs and butterflies, to name a few. Kids can cut out the bread and then decide on a filling. Barring peanut allergies, peanut butter and jelly/jam sandwiches are always welcome. Should some party goers have nut allergies, Singer suggested a whipped cream cheese spread on one cut out piece of bread, and then jelly or jam on the other for a unique sandwich. Jelly beans can be a fun topping for these as well. Egg, tuna, or chicken salad sandwiches are also good choices. Carrot sticks are healthy, not to mention fitting (bunny food!), accompaniment, as well as a carrot and raisin salad, or a fruit and cheese platter.

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6. And now, the sweets

An Easter tea begs for pretty confections that your little partiers will most certainly enjoy. Singer suggests a bunny cake as a main attraction—it's a fun family project, and it's entertaining to create edible art. Other festive and tasty touches are candy baskets (with age-appropriate sweets) and mini-carrot cake cupcakes.

7. The Grand Finale

The young guests will surely be delighted by a classic Easter egg hunt to cap off the festivities. There are many creative ways to make the hunt interesting and fun, from filling plastic eggs with candy to hiding them in a variety of colors to make a beautiful rainbow effect when the hunt is finished.