With Christmas right around the corner, you might be trying to figure out the best wrapped gifts, but sometimes the best ones aren't under the tree–they're in the stockings.

Growing up, opening my stocking was my absolute favorite part of the day—they were always full of everything from essentials to unexpected trinkets and candy. Those customized stockings, or the ones that have been passed down, are the perfect place for unique, fun and creative gifts for your littles.

The best stocking stuffers for babies and kids prove that sometimes the real treasures come in small packages.

From heirloom rattles to games that the entire family will enjoy, check out our top picks for stocking stuffers for babies and kids this Christmas!

Stocking Stuffers for Babies


Loulou Lollipop

Taco Teether + Holder Set

Who says you can’t put a taco in a stocking? The colorful teethers from Loulou Lollipop come in tons of fun shapes and are made from safe-to-chomp food-grade silicone. And bonus points for the included clip and beads which keep you from having to pick it up off the floor and clean it a bazillion times a day.


Skip Hop


Bandanna Buddies Chime and Teethe Toy

A sweet and seasonally appropriate way to keep your little one entertained on the go. The fuzzy reindeer features multiple fabrics and textures along with a soothing chime sound when they shake it and the snowflake teether is perfect for bothersome gums.

Konges Slojd Babs Teether in Mocca

Konges Slojd


Babs Teether

We seriously can’t get enough of these cheeky Scandinavian teethers. When your boobs are off the menu, hand them a portable set to keep them busy. That’s fair, right?


Little Yawn Collective


Relaxing Pillow & Linen Spray

A gift to them that’s also a gift to yourself? Yes please. The organic lavender and bergamot linen spray from Little Yawn Collective is specially crafted by expert perfumers, leading sleep scientists, and pediatricians to create an optimal sleep environment to help your little one fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. What’s better than that?


Etta Loves


Muslin Lovey

The soft and snuggly loveys from Etta Loves are perfect for little hands and printed with bold black and white patterns to support their visual development.


Doddle & Co.


Pop Pacifier

Designed by two mamas who were tired of trying to clean dropped pacifiers when there was no sink around, the Doddle & Co. pacifiers feature a unique “pop when it drops” function, popping them into a protective bundle when your little one inevitably lets go.




Cozie Furry Baby Bootie

For those cold days you need to keep those tiny toes warm, we love these snuggly-soft booties from Zutano which miraculously never fall off.


Itzy Ritzy


Silicone Teething Mitt

Just pop this cutie over their little hand and they’ve got a teether that requires just enough dexterity. The textured silicone on top soothes sore and swollen gums and the crinkle sound it makes keeps baby entertained.




Sophie the Giraffe

Does it look like a fancy glorified dog toy? Yes. Does it also possess some freakish ability to calm, soothe and entertain (almost) any baby who gnaws on its squeaky head and hoofs? Also yes.?‍♀️


Skip Hop


Portable Baby Soother

Parents and babies alike love this highly-rated  soother that makes naps on the go a breeze. The cute little owl plays nature sounds and two songs to keep them asleep without stressing.




Rhino Rattle

The sweetly detailed rattles from Maileg are made to be loved and handed down from one generation to the next. We just adore this charming linen rhino that’s perfect for little hands.




Bandanna Bib Set

Drooling never looked so stylish. The cloud-soft 4-ply cotton bandanna bibs from Parachute are a perfect combo of baby fashion meets function.




Mini Cup + Straw Training System

Practicality rules when it comes to baby stocking stuffers. The silicone cup and straw from ezpz is an ideal way to introduce your little one to drinking from a cup and comes in a bunch of fabulous colors.


Roxy Marj


Baby Astrology Board Books

Introduce your little one to the traditional traits of their sign! I’m not going to say it’s always right but my perfectionist Virgo and spotlight stealing Leo kids might say otherwise.


Ezra Jack Keats


The Snowy Day

Or you could slip in a classic. Ezra Jack Keat’s 1962 award-winning The Snowy Day is a toddler bookshelf must-have. With bold and colorful illustrations and a timeless story of the wonder of being outside in the quiet snow, it’s destined to be favorite for generations.

Best Stocking Stuffers for Kids




Yeti Over The Calf Socks

What’s a more apropos stocking stuffer than socks? And when it comes to socks, Smartwool is the absolute best. This pair will keep them warm whether they’re on the slopes or snuggling in front of the fire. (And who can resist a skiing yeti?)


Super Smalls


Everyday Sparkle 4-Page Sticker Book

Name one thing that isn’t better when encrusted with jewels? This gem sticker booklet is kid-bling aficionados Super Smalls’ best-selling item and we totally understand why. The variety of colorful gems can be used to liven up anything they can think of.




Hand Soap Pens

If you’re going to wash your hands a hundred times a day, it may as well be fun, right? The colorful soaps from Soapens turn the task into an art form as they doodle on their palms before rinsing clean.


Little Lady Products


Nail Polish

Safe, non-toxic and made with littles in mind, the colorful nail polishes from Little Lady Products each come with a sweet wearable bow ring to show off alongside their manicure.




Peculiar Pets Bravery Badges

No one likes getting hurt, but everyone loves a good bandage. The flexible fabric bandages from Welly are always a hit with their fun patterns and oh-so-stylish (and reusable!) metal tin.




Dice Party Game

With nine ways to play, this seemingly simple set of dice is about to become a family night staple. Each game is fast, easy to learn and teaches kids number recognition, thinking on their toes and even hand eye coordination.

Rock the Locks


Hair Color and Conditioner

If you’ve got a kiddo who’s dreaming of unicorn locks but are hesitant to do anything permanent, the colorful conditioner from Rock the Locks will keep both of you happy. Their kid-friendly hues last for 5-15 shampoos and are free from phthalates, sulfates, and parabens.


Crazy Aaron's


Doodle Putty

Roll it, mold it, color on it and stretch it out to do it all over again!



Doorables Multi-Peek Pack Mini Figures

A top secret selection of their favorite Disney characters are hidden behind each door. And with dozens of characters across several series, they’re fun to trade and collect!




Baby Mouse Sleepy/Wakey in Box

Maileg’s teeny tiny mice are a personal favorite of mine because well, just look at them. Is there anything sweeter? This little fella comes in his own matchbook bed and is delightfully detailed with an open eye on one side and a sleepy one on the other.




Squishy Unicorn Ice Cream Pen

If you’ve got a kid that’s anything like mine, this is a true quadfecta of awesome. A squishy that’s also a unicorn + ice cream and  also a pen? What’s more, for each Yoobi purchase, the brand gives one to a child in need.


Uncommon Goods


Glowing Bath Time Cubes

A relaxing candlelit bath, but make it toddler friendly. These colorful cubes light up when the tub is full and turn off once it’s drained.


Rebel Girls


Questions for Rebel Girls

With more than 500 kid-friendly questions inspired by real women from history, Rebel Girls latest installment puts your kid in the driver’s seat. It’s a great way to kickstart conversations and get them thinking about the world around them and their place in it.



Bag Tag Unicorn

The LEGO DOTS line marries building with arts and crafts to create fun wearables that kids love. Follow the design guide to make a colorful cube unicorn or mix it up and get creative. When hung from their backpack it becomes a fun toy to take apart and put back together again and again.


Little Gems


Royal Gem Headband

Warning: It’s possible they’ll insist on being called Your Majesty when they’ve got this one atop their head. The jewel-encrusted headband is sturdy enough to hold up to the wear and tear of tiny royalty but comfortable enough to wear for an entire day of ruling the kingdom.




Bananagrams Word Game

Take away the complicated scoring and unwieldy board aspects of Scrabble and you get portable, fun and easy-to-play Bananagrams. Whether you’re playing kiddos who are just learning to spell word-nerds like myself, it’s a family hit!




Vienna Bike Bell

After a helmet, a bike bell is an important part of bike safety. The bell from Woom is made from the same brass as musical instruments and gives a crisp, clear ding that’s louder than most.

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