Book lovers, combine your passions.

Set up your work space near a shelf of your favorite tomes.

Whether you’re lucky enough to have an entire room (with a door!) for your home office or often find yourself working from your couch or kitchen, it’s important to ensure your space encourages productivity.

This doesn’t mean you need to re-create a boring cubicle with gray partitions and filing cabinets. Quite the opposite, in fact.

One of the best things about working from home is that you have total control over your surroundings, so there’s no reason your home office can’t be a combination of fun and function.

We’ve gathered some of our favorite ideas for upgrading your home office on our Pinterest board.

Here are a few to get you started.

Turn a tiny space into a work space.

All you need are a floating shelf and cork board.

Go minimalist.

Glass, white accents and zero clutter keep a small space airy and clean.

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Try a compact hideaway desk.

This one from Dot & Bo is chic in even the tiniest apartments.

Have a great view?

Try positioning your desk in front of a window. It’s the next best thing to working outside.

Chalkboard paint + a filing cabinet = personal blackboard.


No extra room?

Create an office inside a closet.

Don’t say no to narrow.

Ever thought about working in the hall... or on a boat?

We love this furniture hack!

This storage chest transforms into a mini office.

Attics can be perfect.

Create a serene home office away from kids, dogs barking... the world, really.