Are you a runner trying to get back into the groove of things after giving birth? We've got good news for you, mama! Running is actually one of the best forms of exercise for moms. Sure, running is considered high impact, and your body needs time to recover from pregnancy and delivery. So you need to take it slow. But once you have your doctor's okay, going on a run can be beneficial for both you and baby. Not only is it a great way to get stronger and lose the extra baby weight, it will also give you the opportunity to bond even more with you baby. Plus, you'll both get some well-deserved fresh air.

But wait, before you hit the pavement, you need to prep and equip yourself with the right gear. Here are 11 accessories you need to run with a baby in tow.

1. Bugaboo Running Stroller. The number-one gear you need to run with baby is a good running stroller. This Bugaboo jogger was designed with active parents in mind. It has a fixed front wheel, a hand brake and a basket that has a strap to keep your stuff from bouncing out while you are on the go. And in true Bugaboo fashion, you can have the seat facing you. $815, buy here.

2. Saucony running shoes. Running shoes are next on your to-buy list, and Saucony is one of the best brands for running sneakers. Their shoes provide great support without the added bulk. If you want to know what style is best for you, head to a JackRabbit store to test drive sneakers while on a treadmill. $120, buy here.

3. Style Reform high-performance leggings. We all need a good pair of bottoms, so check out these Style Reform leggings that are quick-drying and stylish all at once. Bonus: You can personalize and customize yours so that it's an original piece! $65, buy here.

4. Yurbud Wireless headphones. Wireless headphones are all the craze these days. Who wants to deal with long wires amongst everything else around? All you have to do is connect them to your iPhone via bluetooth and let the music motivate you to keep on running. $44.86, buy here.

5. Amici Accessories Belt Bag. A belt bag is a good way to carry your essentials, especially if the weather is warmer and you aren't wearing layers. $25, buy here.

6. OXO Tot Stroller Hook. Heading to the grocery store after your run? Be prepare and accessorize your stroller with a stroller hook -- perfect to hang bags so you can keep on strolling, hand free. $7.99, buy here.

7. Baby Buddy Secure-A-Toy. If your little one is getting restless, snag one of these so that you can attach a couple of his/her favorite toys to play with or even a pacifier while you're on your run. $3.99, buy here.

8. Choopie Grips Single Bar Cover. If you feel like the grip on the stroller causes friction on your palms, these grips can give you the cushion you need. Plus, they keep the stroller cleaner and will add a little style to your run. Bonus: machine washable! $14.99, buy here.

9. iFrogz tadpole active bluetooth speaker. Need to play some tunes for your little one? Grab this speaker and sync with your phone so that your baby can relax, sleep, or calm down while you're on the move. $9, buy here.

10. Bugaboo smartphone holder. Keeping your smartphone loose while running is not ideal. This holder helps secure your phone to your stroller so that you don't have to deal with carrying or wearing it. $34.95, buy here.

11. Garmin VivoSmart HR+ monitor. If you like tracking activity and you have a specific health goal in mind, this monitor is a great accessory. It tracks heart rate, activity, calories burned and syncs all your information for creating goals. $179.99, buy here.

12. Bombas Socks. These socks are super comfortable and provide the cushion support that you heel needs against the impact it gets as it hits the ground. They come in a variety of colors and don't fade in the washing machine. $12, buy here.

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