We all love a day at the beach, but when you have kids, there is some real planning and careful packing involved to ensure that they are happy and safe while playing in the sun. That's right -- you'll need to pack much more than sunscreen and a floppy hat; and you'll probably need to swap out your beloved beach read for swim diapers and a playard. So before you flock to the water with your little one in tow, make sure you bringing all the right items with you.

Here are 12 beach day essentials that you will need for your beach getaway with baby. 1. Olivia + Ocean Swimwear, for mom ($135) and for baby ($64). 2. Summer Infant Pop N' Play Ultimate Playard, $68.99. 3. Pottery Barn Kids Beach Chairs, $39.00. 4. Kiss My Face Sunscreen, $9.40. 5. Masala Baby reversible sunhat, $12. 6. Honest swim diapers, $13.99. 7. Bumkins Wet Bag, $9.95. 8. Skip Hop Grab-and-Go Round Trip Travel Mat, $20. 9. thinkbaby Thinkster Steel Bottle, $13.99. 10. Veer All-Terrain Cruiser, $699.00. 11. LuvBug UPF 50+ Hooded Sunscreen Towel, $28.00. 12. Birdling day tripper, $95. 13. Sunnylife, kids pool crabby, $59,95.