I’ve been pregnant multiple times, and every time all I wanted was comfort and support as my belly grew. Comfort because I was so tired (and rightfully so, considering I was growing brains and fingers and eyes) and support because by the end of the nine months, your belly gets mega heavy. Like I want a little shelf under my belly at all times kinda heavy.

When I found out SKIMS, the famous undergarment brand by even more famous founder Kim Kardashian West, was launching a maternity line, I was excited. I’m not currently pregnant but after carrying twins less than a year ago (and measuring 47 weeks pregnant the day I delivered!) I know how hard pregnancy can be on your body.

Given that Kim has gone through uncomfortable pregnancies herself, I had high hopes that this line would be everything I ever dreamed of. Thankfully, I have a coworker who is pregnant with her third child and was willing to try all of these for us to review. I also got to review some items from their regular shapewear line on my six-month postpartum body.

Of course, like everything Kim Kardashian West touches, the line’s announcement was received with backlash from some who argue that pregnant people don’t need shapewear and should embrace their growing belly. Support, however, does not mean compression, and that’s the key point of this line. Unlike other shapewear garments from the brand, the maternity collection offers support with a thinner material for the areas going over the belly allowing for less back pain, less pelvic floor issues, fewer stretch marks and just general comfort.

So we put some of the items in the SKIMS new maternity collection to the test. Here’s what we thought:

skims maternity solution tighs

Maternity solution tight

I tried the SKIMS maternity solutionwear tights for the first time today—and it felt like wrapping my belly in a taut hug. I’m 26 weeks pregnant with my third baby, and I have a newfound appreciation for supportive undergarments in pregnancy, as they help my body cope with this rapidly expanding bump + the pelvic discomfort that is accompanying it this time around.

These footless tights are made of a high-quality, buttery fabric that’s thin enough to not feel bulky like other support wear I’ve tried, but strong enough to offer a super-snug-feeling that makes my belly feel held up and supported. (At this point in pregnancy I sometimes catch myself physically lifting my belly up and holding it to let my body catch a quick break. These tights offered me a similar kind of consistent relief. The legs offered some light compression, as well, which I’m also quite into this pregnancy—it helps my legs feel rejuvenated + less drained.

There’s a gummy strip across the top back seam that keeps the legging from rolling down off your belly—that is clutch for comfort and keeping the panel in place. Also! I was pleasantly surprised to find they have an opening that makes frequent pregnant peeing much more manageable.

A tip: Maybe consider sizing up, as I feel these do run SNUG.

– Jacqui

maternity sculpting high waist brief

Maternity sculpting brief

I also tested the Maternity sculpting high waist brief—these felt even more snugly fitted once up over the bump—maybe more of a sculpting feel. The fabric was equally lightweight, supportive and sleek.

– Jacqui

maternity nursing sculpting bra

Maternity nursing bra

This bra is both comfortable and supportive, which is ideal for engorged breasts both during pregnancy and postpartum. It comes with the well-known clips that allow for easy access to breasts whether you are breastfeeding or pumping. The fabric is soft which made my nipples super comfortable in it, unlike other breastfeeding bras I’ve tried in the past which are itchy and scratchy to an already very sensitive area of our bodies.

The bra gave my boobs a little more shape—much needed after feeding three babies—without them feeling constricted in it.

  • Motherly Editor
maternity sculpting bodysuit mid thigh

Maternity sculpting bodysuit

This bodysuit is ideal for those looking overall support and comfort. The straps are fully adjustable and just like the tights, it comes with an opening for easy access when running to the bathroom (it happens a lot, trust me on this one).

The fabric along the belly is soft and stretchy, allowing your bump to grow freely while also feeling supported. The fabric around the legs and butt is a little tighter, giving that sculpting look that many look for in the SKIMS line.

core control brief.

Core control brief

I wanted to try these because although they are not part of the new maternity line, there are plenty of reviews on the brand’s website from women who used them to recover from their C-sections. After having my twins I’ve been having major core issues (need to work on those lower abs ASAP) which in turn was giving me really bad lower back pain, and so wanted to see if these briefs could give me an extra hand during the day. And boy did they help!

These are shapewear, so not to be used during pregnancy as they are tight and snug on your body. It held everything super well while also allowing me to be comfortable chasing a toddler and tending to twin babies. Getting in and out of them to go to the bathroom requires a little bit of wiggling to get them on all the way up.

– Motherly Editor

smoothing brief.

Smoothing brief

To say that my body is different now, after two pregnancies, is a total understatement. Although I’m not focused on the number on the scale anymore, I do wish I could get certain parts of my body to be back where they used to be. But of course, with no time to actually work out (thank you three under 3) and also being at least 10 years older than when I was when I thought I looked my best, I look for solution wear like these briefs.

They hold things in place and you cannot tell you’re wearing them under your clothes. I shot an Instagram video of before and after and the replies to it were hilarious. It’s like IRL photoshop, but in a subtle way.

-Motherly Editor

If you like something you see, or want to explore all of their maternity and shapewear products, you can shop the entire SKIMS collection here.